DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Friday 2

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Head Crabs from Half Life!

Drew looking angry!

"This guy!"

The Mad Scientists!

Batwing in his Galactica Bridge Officer uniform. They work him so hard that he just can't keep his eyes open.

Love the shirt!

Hey, that was my idea! And no, I am not the father.

Kathy! Back from her stint as a Cloning Facility and now able to drink again!

She had an awesome Spat Mad Libs game. She claims it was given to her by Ken (Elvis Trooper), but who knows. Anyway, typical Mad Libs, "So this one time, I was drunk off my _____ (body part) in a bar with a _______ (noun)..." You get the idea. It was actually really funny.

I wandered into the autograph area where I wanted to say hi to some of my friends. First, I got yelled at by Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) because I apparently blew him off the night before. He claims he was calling out my name and trying to say hello to me and I ignored him to talk to 2 girls in Slave Leia costumes. I apologized but reminded him that 2 Slave Leia's beat a Chewbacca anyday. And he told me that the Slave Leia's were actually men.

Me with my future ex-wife.

I then headed over to the Photo Area. It's a new thing that DragonCon is doing with Froggy who you may remember from Big Apple. So he's taking pics and I was there to say hi as Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Near Dark) walked in to do his photo session with the fans. Froggy let me jump in and take a pic really quickly. Lance remembered me from when I met him like an hour before and after the pic was taken he put out his hand to shake mine as I just turned on my heel and walked away. Baz and Batwing were there on the side watching and when I walked over they both were standing there with their mouths hanging open. I asked what happened and they explained that I just blew off Lance, so I ran back over, shook his hand and apologized. So, only about 2 hours into the convention I've already blown off 2 celebs, and the con is still young!

Gingerbread man!

Kevin Bacon! He also seems a bit sleepy.

Black Iron Man!


Eww. Gareth and Abe have a "special" relationship.

Speed Racer! Again!

Pete scoping in on some kids horsing around by the pool.

Rebecca showing off that she's been claimed by the Brits. Harry is just showing off how white he is.

Nat as the Spartan Queen!

Jerome, the Frenchman dressed up as .... A Frenchman!

Iron Man MK I

Iron Man MK III

Iron Woman.

Anime chicks.

Teri as Lust. How is this any different than any of her other costumes?

Looks like Cobra meets Umbrella Corp.

Why do I suddenly feel the need to break the law?

Mike having a bit too much fun at his first DragonCon!

And the back shot...

Lara and her audience.

Mike and Lara.

Mike makes all sorts of new friends at DragonCon!

Mike and YaYa.

The Hyatt!

Mike meets the twins!

The Atrium.

Rebecca looking sexy.

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