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SpatCave Studios is a full service Costume, Prop and Special Effects Make-Up Shop located in Atlanta, GA.

For the most part, the costumes and props that we make are from the Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy genre, as we feel those are the most interesting items to make.

Our work appears in films, on TV, and in magazines all the time. We make just about anything to order, and have a few items that we make on a regular basis. Check the Props page for items we make continuously, or the Projects page for custom items we've made in the past.

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My Filmography:

Crew Credits

"Bad Kids Go To Hell" - Props/Costumes/FX Make-Up

"Last Day of Summer" - Special Effects/Props/Costumes/FX Make-Up - TuFux Entertainment

“Drop Dead Twice” - Props - Josh Petrino Productions

Trenches” - Props/FX Make-Up/Costumes - Stage 9/X-ile Pictures

The Adventures of Captain Bucky and his Space Marshals in Outer Space” - Writer/Producer/Director/Props/Costumes - SpatCave Studios

"Brownsville" - Props/FX Supervisor/Costumes - Damon Didditt Productions

"The Creek" - Props/FX Supervisor - Annubis Productions

Cross the Line” - Props/Costumes/FX Superv. - Allie Way Films

Pitching Lucas” - Props/Creature Designer - Panic Struck Productions (Winner - Lucas Selects Award and Audience Choice Award - Atom Films Star Wars Fan Films Awards)

“Synthetics” - Wardrobe - Hybrid Creations

Deployment Strategy” - Wardrobe - Mark Cheng Production

I Believe in America” - Props - Triplicity Entertainment

“Tremors of the Force” - Creature Designer - John Bardy Productions

Jedi House” - Writer/Director/Producer - SpatCave Films

Hard Rock” - Props/Costumes - Blockumentary Pictures

Serial” - F/X Make-Up Artist/Costume/Props- Arbo Pictures (Winner - Best Supporting Actress; Lauren Valez, and Best Story - Long Island International Film Expo)

"New York Minute" - Props - Arbo Pictures (Winner - Best Short - Long Island Big Fish Film Festival)

Star Wars – Revelations” - Creature Designer - Panic Struck Productions

“Hangman’s Noose” - Special Effects Supervisor - Damn Smooth Productions

“Solomon’s Requiem” - Special Effects Supervisor - Damn Smooth Productions

Actor - Film

Trenches” - Rossdale Medic - Stage 9/X-ile Pictures

The Adventures of Captain Bucky and his Space Marshals in Outer Space” - Captain Bucky - SpatCave Studios

"Brownsville" - Det. Rizzo - Damon Didditt Productions

Cross the Line” - Det. Ramirez - Allie Way Films

I Believe in America” - Waiter - Triplicity Entertainment Production

“Tremors of the Force” - Krayt Eichling - John Bardy Productions

Jedi House” - Lead - SpatCave Films

Hard Rock” - Phil - Blockumentary Pictures

Star Wars – Revelations” - Emperor, Biker Scout, Drunk at Bar - Panic Struck Productions

“Corpusville” - Lead/Hauer Alexander - Clavijo/Brendan Foley

“Hitch” - Basketball Fan - Overbrook Pictures

“Hangman’s Noose” - Thug - Damn Smooth Production

“Silent But Deadly 3” - Naked Trooper - Jeff Cioletti/Lou Tambone

“Solomon’s Requiem” - Police Chief - Damn Smooth Production

“The Tower Protocol” - Lead/Agent 1 - Peter S. Giakoumis – SVA

“Jersey Girl” - Drunk at Bar - Triumph Films

Actor – Television

“Mayor of New York” - Muslim Protestor -Spike Lee/NBC

The Apprentice” - Commercial Series Marketing Trooper - NBC

“Greatest Ever Movies” - Myself - Diverse TV

“Sci-Fi Ninja Theatre” - Featured - QPTV

“Get Your Geek On” - Featured - VH1



About Me

Well, my name is Spat (in case you hadn't noticed).

Drunk on a Booze Cruise in College.

I started out in Little Neck, NY. About 20 minutes from Manhattan. Iím a native New Yorker, a huge Sci-Fi and Horror movie fan, and I love to build costumes and props based on ones from Sci-Fi and Horror films, and a few years back, turned that love into a full time business. We've now moved to Atlanta, GA and are working on films and other projects down here!

Holding a real M60 at a fair in Staten Island.

I like to travel around, to see and try new things, and not to get into too much trouble in the process. It doesnít always work out, though. Sometimes, the strange events of my life seem so interesting (at least to me they do), that I write them down to share them with other people. If youíd like to check out some of my stories, check out My Escapades.

Taking the easy way out. All real guns from my friendís private collection. Not too tasty, either.

Iíve worked just about every job you can name: Gas Station Attendant, Sunglass Salesman, Perfume Pimp, Phone Solicitor, Tin Knocker, Carpenter, Electrician, Bartender, Waiter, Office Manager, Property Manager, Magician, Delivery Boy, Club Med G.O., Closet Shelving Installer, and Computer Consultant.

Another real gun (I seem to have a lot of gun pics). This is after a day shooting at the range.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little space on the web. I hope youíll come back often, and Iíll try to keep you entertained.