DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Saturday 1

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Kevin and Tony. Kevin is actually in his Colonial Marine Dress Costume, and not a real uniform.

Baz LOVES Elvira.

Adriel rocking his Marine Armor.

And then it was time for the Parade. And I actually got up in time! I wanted to count how many of the sets of Colonial Marine Armor were made by me, but it was getting tough since they were all moving around and stuff. So I decided to count how many were not made by me. I only had to count to three. That's right. THREE. In the pic above, every set of armor was made by me. (armor available in the SpatCave store).

Some more pics of my armor (photo from Dom)

Tony recording the event (photo from Dom)

Some general pics.

Hanging out and waiting for the parade to start.

Milling about.

Joy marching in the parade with us. That meant a lot. Her husband Chris passed away in January and he was a huge inspiration to the men and women in this group. He is missed every day.

Ruby, Jenn and Allison.

Galactica Folk.



Harry commented to me that he was shocked at how many people were there, not only marching in the parade, but just there to watch. I think if they got that many people in one area in the UK the whole island would tip.

That's one bug down.


Andy with Jonsey the cat.

Harry addressing his Troops.




Mike, who never, ever stops smiling.




Love the armor graffiti.

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