DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Saturday 6

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Cigarette guy.

Flava Flav!

Me and Katy!

Me and Dan Logan (Star Wars Episode 2). It looks like I'm choking him!

Now, Whiskey Pete (on the right) is a HUGE Boba Fett fan and being that Dan Logan is a friend and played Boba Fett, we had made a plan where we would basically cock block Whiskey Pete every time he tried to talk to Dan. It worked for like 4 minutes and then we got bored and moved on. So, by the end of the night, Whiskey Pete ended up playing Rockem' Sockem' Robots with Boba Fett.

And then they broke the Robots. :(

Apparently a lot of people show up at parties and show their SP@ buttons and think that it will get them into the party. So people were constantly coming to parties and saying that they were friends of Spat's and thinking that it would get them into the party. And since she was in charge of the door at the party, she was pretty annoyed at me. So as a punishment, she took away my safe word. Ow.

I am a mad chick magnet.

Yoo Hoo!! "Boing!".

Ceasavier give me the double Shocker!

Me and Katy again!

Me and Katy and a Victorian girl.

Me and Katy and a Victorian Girl and Pete!

Me and my future ex wife.


Look at that waist!


Lauren on the Hookah!

The lower level of the Hyatt.

(Dom took this pic)

Edward Scissorhands.

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