DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Thursday 1

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It's that time again! And this time, for the first time in four years I attended DragonCon as a normal attendee! Not a guest! Why? I have no idea. Apparently I'm not famous enough to be a guest at DragonCon. :( So be sure to e-mail DragonCon and let them know that they need more Spat!

Anyway, lets get back to the story at hand...

Drew, Sgt. Batwing, Tony and I packed up and headed down to Atlanta for the show. In addition, we had four more wounded warriors meeting us down there. AND we had fifteen Brits coming down to check out the show! They had heard all these great stories about DragonCon from me at the Leicester show, and even though they didn't believe me about how crazy this show was, they decided to come down and check it out. I was warned that this would be their only DragonCon and was asked to make sure they have fun and to show them the ropes, as it were.


Our first stop was the Atlanta airport where we were waiting for our luggage.

Drew and I comparing phones. Me with my new iPhone, and Drew with his loser piece of crap wanna be iPhone. The day before we left for Atlanta I was talking with my Uncle from California and he told me to "grab your iPhone and check out this app..". When I told him that I didn't have an iPhone he screamed at me and told me to go out and get one immediately. For many years I lived without an iPhone. Then I got an iPhone and realized that what I had been doing could not be called "living". I LOVE my iPhone. Thanks Uncle Charlie!

Sgt. Batwing and Tony with their crappy phones. We were there waiting for Batwing's luggage to show up. Everyone else had their luggage but him. Finally we found his bag in a back room... in pieces.

Here's what was left of his bag and his belongings.

Needless to say, he was a little pissed. So, after a screaming match, a lot of throwing things, a free suitcase and a $250 check from Delta, we were on our way to the Hyatt!

Here's Deacon! He USED to dress up as The Kingpin, until he dropped all that weight! He looks amazing and I barely recognized him!

Tony as Tony Stark... in a Fez.

Drew. In a Fez.

Pete. He's a part time Brit.

Allison in her pink hair.

Drew. Looking very happy for some reason.

And here's me! With my new advisors! Yes, they do tell me what to do.

First nerd at con!

Here's the t-shirt that the Brits made. Dig my new title. I'm hoping it sticks.

Tagged! The Brits really took my advice on how to leave an impression to heart!

More tagging.

Jon! In a Pith Helmet! Most (if not all) the Brits brought Pith Helmets with them, and by the end of the night I think only one of them went back to the room with one. They were lost to the sands of DragonCon.


Look, I'm British! Spot of tea?


Stacy and Lynn from SheVaCon!

Rebecca looking very confused.

Brian's thong. Ewww.

Stacy gets some good use out of the candy necklace!


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This year's DragonCon page is dedicated to the memory of Chris Chulamanis. He's a friend, a comrade, and a big fan of DragonCon. It was not the same without seeing his smiling face wandering around the convention. Thanks to him, a lot of new people discovered Colonial Marine costuming and the fun of DragonCon. He will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

Chris Chulamanis - 8/18/49 - 1/10/08


If you have any questions, E-Mail me. Spat@spat-nospam-cave.com