DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Sunday 4

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The competitors.

Me announcing the winners.

Will it be Poison Oak?

Or will it be Jessica Robert?

And the winner is.... Paul as Jessica Robert!

But since Brian finally figured out the right way to compete in the Spattle, he got a buy into next year's Spattle. So next year it will be a 4 way fight!

Me looking smug in a pink bunny costume. Not an easy thing to do.

My judges - Scott from Canadia, Pete from Britania, Lynn from Americania and Jerome from Franceania.

An awesome showing for both competitors!

Me and Keith!

My pink iPhone and the "Goat Herd" I found set as my wallpaper when I left my phone unattended. DO NOT click on the pic unless you don't want to eat for about 3 days. It's pretty gross.

The Canadian crew!

Me and Matt Wood (General Gropus from Star Wars). Yes, I know it's not Gropus, but you've never been to a party with him.

Little 1 and her Husband Beater.

Sexy Star Wars girl.

There's just something about giant boobs. I know they're fake, but I'm still fascinated by them!

Me and Andrew. He's British.

Colonial Predator!

Me and Sam!

My future ex wife.

Paul and I molest Elvira just to piss off Baz!

Me and Megan! She was a contestant in both Miss SpatCave Contests!

Molesting random people.

Everyone loves the boobs.

Me and Leslie.

I think she's jealous.


I hate to say it, but I just can't tell them apart!

Poor Kev!

Molesting Fin.

Me and Rick. I think he's poor because he can't seem to afford clothes!

So, from the bar area we headed down to the Wolfpack party. They had contacted me before the con to see about having me emcee their party, but we couldn't get it sorted in time, so instead I got on the VIP list for the party! Woo Hoo!

Me and Jerry Doyle (Babylon 5)

Cage dancers.

Me and Elvis Trooper!

Another bunny costume!


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