DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Saturday 4

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So, with the Parade over I decided to wander around a bit and ended up at.... the Bar!

The Spat Cam!

The new M41-K, the shorty Pulse Rifle (coming soon).

My new Plastic version of the Marine Helmet.

Batwing in his fatigues with his UKCM patches.

The Dude, Drew and Mango hanging out at the bar.

Karmaa.... Yummy.

And then Paul broke out his Zapp Brannigan costume!

John Hudgens from The Force.net He's the only one who was willing to give Jedi House a chance! Love this guy!

Jon and his tiny head tries on my helmet.

And here's me in my Marine Gear!

Cool shirt!

Zapp thinking sexy thoughts.

Baz shocked and appalled.

Batwing slightly amused.


Blink Angel from Dr. Who.

A tale of two Zapps.

Alien Costume.

Mmmm... Slave Leia and a vaguely Stormtrooper shaped growth apparently.

Wandering between the hotels.

Karmaa... yummy.

The Lance Henriksen and Carrie Henn panel.

Aimee. This time with her clothes on.

Chris, one of the dealers gave me this little Yoo Hoo doll to take around and get pics of it between boobs. When you squeeze it, it makes this "BOING!!" sound. It's hilarious!

Tony looking on amused.


Barbie, Mint In Box.



Mrs. Jones gets manhandled by Allison.


Sarah Conner?

Trin showing off.

Drunks at the bar.

If I had a Genie like that, I would wish for Scooter to be out of the room for an hour or so. :)

Hello, ladies!

Mrs. Jones in a hat.

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