DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Sunday 5

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Bunnies of the world, unite! Naked!

Jen!! And her tig bitties!

Teri as Nancy from Sin City!

Me and Sun Karma from Hustler Magazine!

Me, Rex and Pete!

Me and Big Guns!

Aaron Douglas (Chief from Galactica) checking me out.

You don't want to know where my other hand is.

Me and Aimee, the girl voted Biggest Tease at Con at SheVaCon.

Aimee's butt.

And her from the front.

Random hallway girl.

Raggedy Ann and Cobra Guy.

Me and Garin.

Getting picked up by Dan Logan!

Molesting a Slave Leia.

MAD chick Magnet!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Rabbit!

Someone is having a bit too much fun at DragonCon!

Trin really loves McCain!

Batwing sat there and got flogged by 2 girls with Cat-O-Nine Tails. He took it until the girl's arms were too tired to swing anymore. Now THAT'S a man.

Me and Heather!

Michele stole my cotton tail. :(

I really want to like this, but I worry about the Socialist Worker Party overtones.

Teri getting sleepy.

The Ohio Garrison throws the best room parties!

Me and Jamin!

Old School Trek Girl.

Crazy 88's.

Even Pete's not sure where he got it, but it fits!

Mango and Whiskey Pete still up at like 5am or so.

And look what I found in my bag! One more tin of Brown Bess paint that got lost on the way to the auction!


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