DragonCon 2008

8/28/08 - 9/1/08

Friday 1

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Friday we headed down to the convention proper to check things out. Not being a guest meant not being on panels, and that meant not having an agenda at the con! So I was free to wander!

A pair of Spulse's (Available in the SpatCave Store)

A super sweet Barrett made from steel! I thought it was an airsoft at first!

HARRY HARRIS IN ARMOR!!! And Sparmor no less (available in the SpatCave store)

Abe the Alien makes a pit stop.

People love to stick my buttons in odd places.

Paul falls under the spell of HYPNO TOAD.

Pete the Colonial Marine! Is there a Territorial Army version of the USCM?


I went to a store in the Peachtree mall to look for an iPhone case that would attach to my belt, and sadly all they had was a pink one. So I have a pink iPhone. So what?

I don't care, I like it.

Mrs. Jones and My Little Pony check out the waitress.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!

And yes, Spat is in costume! Here's me and Drew and another guy as Colonials from the new Battlestar Galactica! Big thanks to the folk over at the Colonial Fleet (especially Eggroll) for helping me get my suit together in time.

If you didn't see Hancock, you won't get this one.

Colonial Marines! In Sparmor (available in the SpatCave Store).

No idea, but I like it.

I have no idea. A family of Pimps, maybe?


The Marriott.


Mrs. Jones telling us a story about when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.


Speed Racer!

Sid doing his Donald Sutherland impersonation.

Paul holding up his Con Sluts invite!

Paul and Brian, the competitors in the Jr. Spattle!

Tony trying to look straight.

Batwing with our new waitress, Himtay. She's from Ethiopia and claims that she's the ugliest girl in her village. You know what that means? For the cost of a cup of coffee I am adopting some Ethiopian girls!

YEAH!! Dinki Di! Thanks Scott!

Mr.s Jones in his new Deep Eyes helmet. Thanks Rex for helping him get his first DragonCon costume together.

Rebecca as a Deep Eyes.

Pete mixing metaphors.

Rex checking out his new Warhammer 40k Kasrkin armor.

Mrs. Jones as a Deep Eyes from the Final Fantasy movie.

Me and Abe!

And the Alien thing from Sesame Street.

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