Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Arrgghhh!! She's wearing the symbol of the Evil Woman Secret Society!! The Towel Turban!!

Then Calvin showed up! That's pretty much where things started going to hell.

Calvin wasn't tired, so he and John went wandering around wreaking havoc!

"Calvin has arrived!!"

And now he needs a place to sleep!

Hey, even Spidey needs a drink once in a while.

Look at him, Boob Grabbing without paying me my Royalties.

Did you ever get the urge to just give someone a little push...

"Are you using the whole fist, Officer?"

Like three peas in a pod... or is it three freaks in a bar...

And here are the girls trying to look sad. It took them a few tries, but they almost convinced me that they were gonna cry.

While this is what they do when they think no one is looking!

These girls have quite the oral fixation. Here they are with John's balls in their mouths.

And again with the fixation! Kathy and Christy with giant wieners stuffed into their mouths!

And now for a word from our sponsor....

Ok, dancing girl time.

More dancing girls!

Even more dancing girls!

Nice, huh?

Then Dennis showed up, and basically the group was all together!

"I know you...."

Some more Kathy dancing on stage.

Some spanking.

Vic doing shots.

More dancing girls!

Pinky girl...

Skirt girl....

Black top girl....

More random women!

Dancing girls and thongs for all my men!

Dennis took no time in getting into the groove!

I think Calvin is giving Kathy the Heimlich.

John negotiating his big balls.

And Dennis acquires the shot girl's bra!

And there's that guy again!

Still here?

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