Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Hey, how come Kathy and Christy are wearing different shirts all of a sudden? This is still the same night. What could be the answer?

This girl was having way too much fun.

Hey! Be careful down there, we all now know she's not wearing panties....

John advertising for

And the Drew tongue makes it's first appearance!!

Guess what time we ended up back at the hotel passed out? That's right. 9pm. How sad is that?

And here we are the next morning trying to figure out why it hurts to blink.

Hmmm... what a difference a chromosome makes, huh?

Captain Morgan!!

John found Elvis!!

The girls seem to think this is an homage to Spat. I kinda consider that a compliment. The wang is as long as his arm!

Kathy trying to get a shot of Victor in the shower. nice try.

Rich showing off his pussy.

Looks like there was a little party going on in the Non-Smoker room that night, huh?

"Sex Slave".

"Do Me In Da Butt".

Saturday night, Mike and Steph showed up and met us over at Razzoo.

And she gets Drew's beads!

See, Steph is "All About The Clam".

Kathy licking Rich's pussy.

Hurricane's are evil. That's all I'm saying.

Drew drinking a beer. He's so not with the spirit of Mardi gras.

Of course, his mouth is all red, so either he had been drinking Hurricane's all night, or he earned his Red Wings.

Yummy, yummy...

This guy's gonna HURL!!!

Now this is a good one. Girl from Germany who really wanted a set of my beads, but it was her first time at Mardi Gras, and she had never flashed before. That's right, a flashing Virgin! So kathy pulled her aside and worked her girly magic to close the deal. And we also decided she deserved a Spat Tat! "I Love Boobies"!

Can you handle any more?

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