Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Gotta love the body paint!

Like my new hair?

Go Rich, it's your birthday!

It looks like he's crushing the poor girl!



Damn, that's one BIG blue ball!

Looky what Dennis got me! A Krew Zulu Spear!! Woo Hoo!!

Gotta love the balcony at Tricou!

Random girl shots.

Half naked girl and Sailor Moon!

More of the lovely women of Tricou!


OH!! Once again, the camera was too far zoomed in! My bad.

Mesh top....

Ok, I hate to advertise for someone else, but for some reason I feel compelled to show this girl...

"Can I keep her?"

And then it was time for the street cleaning! Finally!

We wandered our way back to the hotel to get some rest. Actually, we headed back to change since we were all freezing.

"Take that, Freak-Boy!"

Breakfast on Ash Wednesday. Or as we like to call it, "The Day Of The Dead!"

Tat's all washed off.

The next night we were going to just rest in the room, but something compelled us to head back out to The Famous Door for another night of drinking before our flights.

Looks like we planned a good night, huh?

Calvin got hit in the chest with some dirty beads, but oddly, it made what looked like a footprint on his chest! He deserved it, cockblocker.

I warned everyone not to drink a Hand Grenade. But no one listens....

Girls in red. Gotta love it!

Calvin stealing my Boob Grab!!

"Get's Girls Wet!"

"All About The Clam"

"Do Me In Da Butt"

More abuse for Brandipha.

And we end it all with "I Love Boobies!"

The next morning (actually, at 3am that night) we headed to the airport to go home. Only to find out that our connecting flight from Atlanta to NY had been cancelled! So we could get to Atlanta, but then would have to wait until 3pm to get a flight to NY!! No freaking way! All this because there may be some snow in NY later that day.

We finally got an earlier flight to NY, leaving at 11 am instead, so we checked in our bags. Only to find out that they were pretty much all overweight!! Drew was able to take some things out of his bag, but still had to pay some money because his bags were grossly overweight! John was ok. Dave had to take some stuff out and put it into a plastic bag to meet the weight. My bag was 7 pounds over, but from the angle the woman was at, it looked like it was only 1 pound over, so she let me go.

We boarded the plane, and landed during a lightning storm in Atlanta! I actually watched lightning practically licking the wings!!

As we were landing the announcement of connections came over the PA telling us which gates the other flights were leaving from. There was a 7:55 flight to NY! So why were we waiting until 11?

We got off the plane and headed right for the info desk.

Well, they could get us on the plane (which was leaving in 20 minutes), but our bags were going to the wrong airport, so we'd have to go and pick them up later that day.

That wasn't going to work! We got lucky that the flight was being delayed because of the lightning, so they would be able to help us out.

We headed off to the gate and got on the plane. It was an Airbus, and Dave, Drew and I were in the front seats, while John was in the second row.

After a bumpy ride, we landed in NY and the door of the plane opened... and SNOW billowed in through the door! Snow! Were were in 70 degree weather the day before!! Why the hell did we leave???

Finally back in NY!

Ok, that's all for this trip for now. But remember, these are only my pics for now, I still have another thousand pics to sort through and filter into this Escapade at a later date, so be sure to check back in!

And I'll also have some video of the trip as well, once I get that all edited up and compressed! Thanks for looking!

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