Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Ok, that's a new one. The Spat Crotch Grab!

Double Dirty Dancing!

"Mmm... lint...."

Strong Bad and Homestar Runner make an appearance!!

Christy strikes a pose.

More Freaky Condom games.

See, I knew there was a use for those Breasticle things.

It's kinda cool to look at for a minute, but then you start thinking of the implications of what he's doing, and it's just gross.

"Do you think I'm sexy? You know you do...."

Black Leather Bra.... Mmmm..... Spat likey....

And here we have an example of a Dollar's worth of free advertising!

Shot Girl ass....

"I saw a boobie! I saw a boobie!"

"Tee Hee, I'm dancing!"

"Now stop looking at me."

A whole lot of girls dancing on the stage for my personal amusement. That's right, it was all for Spat!

Shake that ass!

The 3-Way guys!

Victor. You should know better than to lick a strange Dolphin. You don't know where it's been.

"Don't touch me..."


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