Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Everybody happy!

And then came the boob grabs. Everbody grabbing everybody!

Then came the licking. Always with the licking.

And with the grabbing.

This guy was in The Famous Door every night. Always in the same spot. And I think he was always wearing the same clothes...

Ass shots!


More body shots with the Evil Shot Girl.

I don't know, but I think that's probably the best tasting shot she'll ever have!

Ok, now it's time for the Evil Shot Girl Helen story. Helen and I joked around and took this picture. Kathy saw the photo being taken and jokingly comented "If you make it hurt, I'll give you $20."

Next think I knew, I was on the floor, blind with pain, and every guy in the bar was holding thier crotch in sympathy.

Here's kathy making payment.

And here's me trying to stop the searing pain shooting all the way up to my lower ribs. You men out there know what I'm talking about.

Evil Helen! She looks so proud of herself!

More body shots.

More dancing.

Ahhh... Finally a shot girl who doesn't inflict pain on me, Bradipha!

Bomp Chika Waa Waa!

"I hate you, man."

Evil Girls!!

Go Rich!!

If I were sober, I would never let a psycho like Helen go near something that has a good chance of being torn from my body, but I was drunk...

Everybody drunk off thier asses.

I'm not exactly sure whose bra this is. But man is it comfy.

Then came some neck biting.

And then we all decided to look at Lara's cleavage. You know you want to!

Still not sick of this stuff?

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