Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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Ugh. Shot girls. I think we ended up doing something like 20 shots each in about 2 hours, not including what we were drinking regularly.

I tell you, after a while it was tough getting these girls off the stage!

Whos bra could that be? Hmmm... I wonder.....

Go girls, it's your birthday!

We're a bunch of dancing fools, huh?

C'mon ride the train...

Does this make me an evil shot girl?

"Tee hee, I can see her bra strap."

What's sad is that so far, all the pics on these three pages are still from the first three hours of our trip!

I have no idea what's going on in this pic, but I assume one of them is saying something to the effect of "I love you, man."

"I can't believe what these girls are willing to do for .49 cents worth of plastic beads!"


There you go!

Now this girl was something else.

The Girl Emcee at Famous Door decided to try and bite off her underwear, but just couldn't do it. So they decided to get a guy out of the audience to do it. The only catch? You had to do it in under 10 seconds, and pay $100 for the chance! Well, we couldn't just let that honor go to anyone, so Dave and I chipped in to have John do it. He chewed through that cotton like a Woodchuck on Crack! He had them off in under 6 seconds.

"I can't believe I just paid $50 for that!!"

He looks so proud of himself, doesn't he?

Nice breeze, huh?

And to the victor goes the spoils of war!

Since Dave and I funded it, we were allowed on stage to dance with the girls. Most of the bars have very strict rules about men being on the stage.

But there are no rules about Spat licking Kathy's boobies!!

Sick of seeing the pics yet?


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