Mardi Gras 03

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2/28 - 3/6


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John is definitley "All About The Clam"!

Ahh.. Kathy and Christy. I can't even tell you how many times we had to seperate these two with some ice water and a crowbar...

SpatCave Mardi Gras beads are not edible, no matter what this crazy broad will tell you.


"This is the line of death, cross this line and you die!"

Ok, so we all did our share of dancing. Of course, it was that sad kind of white guy dancing, but it was still fun.

Still love looking at those lumps on his head!!

Not 100% sure whose crotch this is. Not sure if I want to know.

"Hey, get your hand off my sister!"

Go Pimp Daddy, we got your bitches right here!

Helen likes it in Da Butt.

"Can I kick you in the balls?"


What's up with these girls and wasting Condoms. It may seem like fun and games now, but when you need one, you'll be pretty pissed that you stuck it on a plastic monkey.... wait... that didn't exactly come out right....

My personal opinion, these two girls are trashed.

"Mmmm.. Yummy finger..."

Christy waiting for a bus.

I think Victor got a little confused. He didn't know there was alcohol in beer.

More dancing....

A selection of random body parts...

And the sad, four-way dance.

Still not sick of these pics?

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