DragonCon 2006

8/31/06 - 9/5/06


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Just to make it easier on people looking for pics by day or event...

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A Spulse Rifle!! Sadly, the Pulse Rifles that I make (available right now in the SpatCave Store) weigh so much that they are more meant to be hung on a wall than to be carried around a convention.

Allison! She had asked SpatCave Studios to make a crown for her Narnia Queen costume. Pics of that are at the bottom of the page..

Sadly, with the mask on, it's hard to be sure, but I think this is the girl who got 2nd or 3rd in the Miss SpatCave Costume contest....

Julie! I'm so mad that I didn't find Julie more often over the course of the weekend, I know she did some amazing costumes and I never got to see them. Boo hoo for me.

Leslie Culton signing away.

I'm guessing that these guys made their Stormtrooper costumes themselves. Either that, or the armor makers are getting really lazy.

"Ooh, ooh, witchy woman..."

Buddy Christ! Every year, same costume, and every year, it totally works.

Star Wars Firefighter guy! See, I know something about those costumes. (Big thanks for Reid for reminding me when we were looking at the pics.)

Stargate guy!

Mmm... Yaya.

Originally, I had been asked to emcee the Friday Night Costume Contest, previously called Fabrications, but then they decided they wanted a Celebrity. Ouch. What am I? Just some nerd running around a convention taking pictures and making silly comments? Oh yeah... I am. Anyway, they gave Peter Jurasik (Babylon 5) the job and made me one of the judges. This costume contest is all about the quality of construction of the costumes. There's no skits, no music, no dancing, it's just about the costume.

Some of the costumes waiting for judging.

Some of the judges

Mystique in mid transformation.

A D20!!

Awesome Pirate costume.

More contestants.

And here's Allison in her Narnia costume. Tony made the crown, but I take all the credit for it. :)

More of the contestants and their friends waiting for judging.

After that, it was time to get back to the bar!

I'm being attacked by a ghost!! Oh, wait! It's Hey, James!!! Hmm... Funny how when Hey, James is here, Calvin isn't, and when Hey, James is here, Calvin stays home. I'm starting to think they are the same person...

Here's me trying to do the black thing and not smile for the photo.

Gotta love Chriser. She brings me lots of women over the course of the weekend, unfortunately, they are all way too young. Bad, Chriser!!

Me with Brian Holloway. Brian runs the Costuming Track at DragonCon, and without him, I would not be a guest there, and there would be no Miss SpatCave contest! Woo Brian!

Spat Costume #1 - Al Bundy!!

Amy in leather.

Sam in flowers and blonde hair.

Rich with Kathy! Damn, Kathy got fat!! Oh, wait... she's pregnant. Never mind.

Then the L.A.S.H. costumes showed up. LASH is the League of Alcoholic Super Heroes. So we're all named after drinks or drink things.

"Keg Boy"!!!

Savage brings me women as well, but of course they're all married. Bad Savage! Bad!!

"Frat Boy"!!

Spat Costume #2 - "The Screaming Orgasm"!

"Frat Boy" with Team America, Fuck Yeah!!

C.C. asked me to take a pic of him with Lara. Oops, missed it.

Oh, there he is.

And now, here's Lara with that awful growth removed.

The Screaming Orgasm was here! I went around the bar, hitting girls with my vibrating slippers, then giving them a shot, and making them scream into my megaphone. Then they got the button you see above. I think it was pretty funny.

Nikki! I have to assume that she is allergic to most forms of clothing. And I love it!

Elvis and Slave Leia!!

The original "Drunk Track" returns!

Tony outside enjoying his Hookah. He was very upset about the smoking laws in Atlanta.

I don't know if it's art, but I like it.

I think Fin is priming the pump... or maybe sucking out the poison, just so many jokes in there.

Tony with the SpatCam. A lot of people went crazy when they saw the camera, and actually wanted to be caught on film! Silly people.

I'm trying to look cool.

When you give out sooo many Screaming Orgasms in a night, you tend to get a bit messy.

Jennifer, after I gave her a Screaming Orgasm.

The two girls with the biggest smiles are wearing my Orgasm buttons. What does that tell you?

Nat! She's dressed as "Heidi Ho"!! And she went around all night "Germaning" people. She had some grease sticks that were black, red and yellow that she would rub on your cheek and claim you for Germany.

Look at the mess we make of the table at the bar!

Lara's boobs... so close to my face...

Man, I will move to Atlanta in a heartbeat if you can get a Screaming Orgasm for $8!!

Brandy's cleavage.

Stacy smiling for once! I think it's because she's touching me.

Mike as a Man in Black.

And that's all I remember of Friday.

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Just to make it easier on people looking for pics by day or event...

Thursday , Friday , Parade , Miss SpatCave 1 , Miss SpatCave 2 , Miss SpatCave 3 , Saturday Night , Sunday Day , Sunday Night 1 , Sunday Night 2 , Monday





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