DragonCon 2006

8/31/06 - 9/5/06

Monday and Tuesday

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Just to make it easier on people looking for pics by day or event...

Thursday , Friday , Parade , Miss SpatCave 1 , Miss SpatCave 2 , Miss SpatCave 3 , Saturday Night , Sunday Day , Sunday Night 1 , Sunday Night 2 , Monday


Tony with the SpatCam! Wearing the customary "Last Day of Con" Sunglasses.

Me and Peter Jurasik.

Tony and Fin.

Kathy and Albin, and I think she's boob grabbing him.

Kathy craving olives.

We went into town for dinner because they promised me that Vortex had the best burgers in all of Atlanta, and that their Tater Tots were infamous.

The wall commands you!! Sadly, the walls offer may have been a better choice as Vortex was out of bacon and Tater Tots!!

At about 8 pm or so, we start looking to find the winners of the "Last Nerd at Con" Contest. Basically, who stays in their costume until it's way inappropriate. These three were in the running.

Why I needed to see that, I have no idea.

Around 11pm or so, we had a tie! (No pun intended).


And on Tuesday when I got home, I found my mom (who had been dog sitting for me while I was in Atlanta) asleep, in a Spat Cave shirt, with my dog sleeping on her neck.

Well, that's all the pics I have.

Let's start the thanks:

Tony for being my Video Camera bitch all weekend. 7 hours of video footage, and it had better all be good!!

Reid for being my Still Camera bitch at the Contest.

Fin for all sorts of help all weekend long.

Pat Henry for again allowing me to come to the convention as a guest and have the Miss SpatCave contest.

Brian for inviting me, putting me on panels and co hosting the Miss SpatCave contest. It wouldn't exist if not for you!

Chriser for giving Tony a ride.

Jackie for helping out backstage.

Lee for running the room.

Sam and Savage for helping even though they didn't have to.

Peter from the Hyatt for not killing us for not being more organized.

Bear and his team for securing the room.

All my judges for actually all showing up.

All the other celebs who offered to judge. Sorry we couldn't use you all.

My VIP's in the front row.

All the ladies for entering the contest. We couldn't do it without you.

Hey, James for Horrifying me.

My Marines for coming down and wearing my gear.

Tracy and Keith for helping me pick my judges.

Everybody who bought a hat, DVD, button or t-shirt.

The guys from Evil Fire Lizard for the samples.

Marty Gear and Jonathan Thornton for helping out with the panels, especially the Fangs one. Couldn't do that one without you!

I'm sure there are a million more people I need to thank, but I am exhausted!


One thing that happened A LOT this weekend was, I would be talking to someone and then they would introduce themselves. I would tell them I was Spat, and then they would reply, "Oh, YOU'RE Spat!". I guess I'm known more by reputation than face.

Also, I did notice that while moving through the crowds I would hear someone behind me as I passed whispering, "That's Spat". Of course, they could have just as easily been whispering, "I have a cat", or "Fancy that", or even "I love the way Hendrix played on that Fender Strat." But my ego likes to believe they were talking about me!

One thing to note:

Conventions are only able to happen because people pay to get into them. If a con has no events of interest to the attendees, they will not pay to get in and there will be no convention. If there was anything, and I mean ANYTHING (not just Spat things) that you liked, or disliked, tell the convention. They can't read your minds, and will only program events that they are sure a lot of people will be interested in. To make your voice count for even more, be sure to include your DragonCon badge number in your very polite e-mail, so they know they are hearing the opinion of an attendee who has paid to get in. It is truly the only way to make a great convention even greater each year.

Of course, telling them how much you love seeing Spat and all the Spat events (especially the Miss SpatCave Contest, hosted by Spat and in an even bigger room next year) will help ensure that my frail ego will stay intact and I will have many more years of great photos and videos in the future.

And be sure to check the SpatCave Store in a few months to pick up the new Spat Gone Wild 2006 DVD!

Again, awesome weekend, thanks to everyone who stopped me to say hi, or take a pic with me, I still find it shocking that people even know who I am at these conventions! See you all at the next one!


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Just to make it easier on people looking for pics by day or event...

Thursday , Friday , Parade , Miss SpatCave 1 , Miss SpatCave 2 , Miss SpatCave 3 , Saturday Night , Sunday Day , Sunday Night 1 , Sunday Night 2 , Monday



If you have any questions, E-Mail me. Spat@spatcave.com