DragonCon 2006

8/31/06 - 9/5/06


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I swear, time somehow gives the laws of physics the finger when it comes to DragonCon. Every year, I look at the calender and say to myself, "Oh, it's still 3 months until DragonCon, I have plenty of time to get everything ready....". And it seems like the very next day I look back at the calender and somehow DragonCon is tomorrow. I don't know how this works, but this conventions seems to sneak up on me more and more quickly each year.

For those that don't know, DragonCon is a sci-fi / horror / fantasy / comic book / costuming / video gaming / ... well, everything convention held every year during Labor Day weekend in the city of Atlanta. And before you know it, it will be time to get on a plane and head down there again.

Once again, I was invited back as a guest, and once again I sat on panels and talked about costumes, props and FX make-up. And once again, DragonCon held the Miss SpatCave Naughty Costume Contest. Once again, we video'd most of the weekend and in a few months a new Spat Gone Wild DVD will be available. And once again, I lost my voice during the weekend and it was totally worth all the bruises and scars that I took home with me.

And I wore 6 costumes over the course of the weekend. That's right, SIX. Don't be hating.

I have an enormous list of people to thank for the weekend, and that list will be at the end of page 11. For right now, let's get on with the pics, as I'm sure that's what you all came here to see. One thing to note, some of these pics were taken by Reid, so I have to give a big thanks to Reid for taking so many pics for me, though I'm going to be lazy and not label each of his pics. Thanks Reid!!

C.C., or Mark as he should be called, FINALLY giving me my trophy for winning the Spattle In Atlantle last year. If you have no idea what that is, check out the pics in last years DragonCon page.

Here's Sam, who finally got her wish. She always complains that I make fun of her on the Spat Gone Wild DVD's for being drunk and making stupid comments, so this year she made a point of not speaking ONCE on video. She did have some written comments on cards though, and I can always dub in some old comments and make up new ones later. Ah, the beauty of editing...

Reid!! This guy is a trooper. Not literally, but when I needed some poor schlub to sit in the very, very front of the Miss SpatCave Contest and take pics of all the ladies ultra close up and from a low angle, he mortgaged his house to bribe me to let him do it. Uh... I mean, he reluctantly volunteered to help me out. Thanks!

Nikki and Savage getting it on!

Some of my Marines showed up early. Technically these guys are first nerds in costume on the Thursday night since the con doesn't actually start until Friday. But there is a bigger nerd coming. There's always a bigger nerd...

Me and Nikki. Gotta have a pic with Nikki. It's become a convention rule.

Deathstar Gunner Man Groupies? WTF???

Nikki, Sp@'d.

This is the back of my DragonCon badge. When you have panels and events you have to attend, they put the list on the back of your badge. And then they stuck the Guest ribbon right in the freaking middle of the list so I couldn't read it. Apparently a lot of the quests were late to things trying to read through the ribbon. I also found out that my list was not water proof this year. Well, more like it wasn't Jack Proof. I never got water on it, so I can't say that words would have smudged that way.

First Nerd at Con!! And the winner is.... Brian!!

He even brought weapons with him.

Stacy, flashing me some under boob. Or... Oh, she's showing me her tattoo. My bad.

Gotta love that shirt.

We should have a "Name that cleavage contest".

It's Rick James, BITCH!!

Me and the CSI chicks. I'm sure it spells something different with these ladies. Maybe it's the Cunnilingus Stimulation Institute?

He helped me wash away my questionable hook ups in the next pic:

And this one needed to be washed away!

Amy AND Sam... Actually touching me? What kind of mirror universe is this???

Me and Glover!! And he's wearing a Glove!

Name That Thong!

She is Satan!

And me and Vera. My own personal, life sized action figure!

And that's the last thing I remember about Thursday.


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Just to make it easier on people looking for pics by day or event...

Thursday , Friday , Parade , Miss SpatCave 1 , Miss SpatCave 2 , Miss SpatCave 3 , Saturday Night , Sunday Day , Sunday Night 1 , Sunday Night 2 , Monday


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