DragonCon 2005

9/1/05 - 9/5/05

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Name That Butt!

Chris Owens gets bored.

Yeah, it had to happen. Me in a Kilt!! Oh no! It's the first sign of the Apocolypse! I had gone up to JP, Julie and Fin's room to test fit my Spattle Costume, and JP pulled down my pants, put the Kilt on me, told me to drop my underwear on my own, and bring the Kilt back clean.

Brian with tape of his fingers. Looks like his girlfriend was chafing.

Angie, or Alba as we were calling her because when we were drunk, she kind of looked like Jessica Alba.

Peter in a Kilt!! What is this world coming to?

Showing off some leg!

Me and Alba.

Jen in her Bridesmaid costume.

I do so love seeing people at cons wearing my shirt!!

Brian needs help.

A Jedi House fan!! Woo Hoo!! By the way, Jedi House was entered into the DragonCon film festival (big thanks to Matt Foster for telling me about it), and we did make it to the finals, but lost to Confederate Zombie Massacre. :(

Joellyn gets spanked. And smiles about it afterwards.

Danny looking very comfortable.

Misty and Bam Bam. And I would like to take this moment to thank Bam Bam for being a great guy, and helping out without hesitation when an emergency arose.

JP and Julie. So cute....

Brian and Fin. I don't know for sure what we're not supposed to be asking...

And here she is, the winner of the Miss SpatCave 2005 costume contest, Tracy!! Woo Hoo!!

Of course I needed a topless pic with her. Though usually I would ask her to be the topless one...

And at her request, I put a shirt on.

The passing of the torch... the former, yet unofficial Miss SpatCave, Kathy, gives up her title for Tracy. Afte the pic was taken there was a huge cat fight where Kathy wanted to wear the Sash.

Me, Danny, Sam and Jay. That's all I have to say about that.

Me and Chriser. Again, big thanks to Chriser for all her help last year and again this year.

Calvin the Chocolate Bunny!!

Elvis has a butt fan!

Chriser massaging the Black Bunny.

It's like she's trying to climb me!

Fin and me, after the Spattle. Again, big thanks to her for all the work she did on the costume.

And here she is stealing part of my costume to play with Tracy. Yummy, yummy.

Name That Crotch!!

Javier!! It seems like every year I get a pic of either Ceaser or Javier, but never both of them... I'm starting to wonder if they really are twins, or just a really fast guy who has been lying to us.

Calvin liked those bunny ears way too much.

Mearle and Sarah. Mearle has issues with Kilts. Just a warning to all the Kilt wearers out there.



Vandersexxx!! I so want one of these t-shirts! For those who don't get the joke, go watch Euro Trip.

Sometimes clowns are scary...




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