DragonCon 2005

9/1/05 - 9/5/05

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"Black Russian"!!!


Calvin and Tony!! Can you tell I'm getting tired of coming up with a commentary?

Hmmm... A German wearing a Russian hat.... So many WWII jokes... Invasions.... Weiner Schnitzel....

John, creator of Tremors of the Force. An upcoming Star Wars Fan Film.

Skye is probably calling me. These con women and their need for Booty Calls from me... I am only one man!!

Nat and Fin! Two girls with three letter names!

I got a little head.

Lando looks tired. And he finished off his Colt 45, and refilled it himself to avoid losing the table with frequent pee breaks.


Damn my unsteady hand and bad aim. Or was I aiming where I wanted to aim?



Once again it was time for the 501st's Droid Hunt! This time I not only got myself on the board, but actually managed to get 2 whole badges collected. They claimed I broke the rules because I was out of costume, but screw them!

I found this sign posted all over the place. Nice, huh?

This is the glass I drank out of during my panels. Afterwards they wrote my name in the bottom of it just to make sure no one else drank from it and got my germs.

Jennifer of the Costuming track!

Someone tell Joe that socks and sandals don't work. And people say I can barely dress myself.


Kathy! She looks like she just swallowed the goldfish.

Fin and Kathy!

My guest badge. Gotta love DragonCon!

Nat and Nat and Kathy.

Me and Jen. That's right folks, they are bigger than my head.

Keg Boy bowing to the master.

New game time... Name That Crotch!!

Tony and Kathy. he's not a Trooper, but he is a Soldier, so I guess that counts for the Trooper Groupies.

Joe showing off his manual nose picking device.

Tony and me again. He likes to touch me.

Kathy practicing sucking golf balls through paper towel tubes, and not only with her mouth. Dirty, dirty girl.

Sam not too happy with me...

She's always so well poised... But I still want to buy her a sandwich.

Damn. Now that's some seriously portable loving.

Me and Karen, the girl who swore I would forget her name.

Calvin with a handful. Damn, this is the most accommodating woman ever!

Name That Butt!

Joe looks like he's ready to hurl.... Almost ended up with a new Puke Page...

Getting a massage from a guy in a room party. Have I truly sunk that low?

Calvin looking guilty...

Wow, Fin looks like she's ready to smack me here.

Me and Fin, while I get a massage. It's good to be the King!

And the final pic of that night, some guy passed out in front of a hotel room. That's sad.


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