DragonCon 2005

9/1/05 - 9/5/05

The Spattle In Atlantle


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For those who don't know the back story. CC challenged me to a Spat Off. He claimed he was going to "out Spat" me at DragonCon. Well, we made it a full on event. Winner gets the title of Spat, and loser has to go by his real name. I was overwhelmed by how many people actually were waiting at the bar to see what we were going to do. Not only were we being judged on the costumes, but also on how well we work the bar at the con. Being "Spat" is much more than just silly costumes, it's also about holding court in the bar at the conventions.

I arrived in a robe covering the costume, as did CC. Brian was the Emcee, and he flipped a coin to see who would disrobe first. I called the coin in the air, and the coin dropped right into Brian's beer. He had to chug it just to see who went first.

CC lost the toss, and dropped his robe. His costume? Slave Vader. A Vader mask with a ball gag, leather, chains, and he had bikini tan lines on his chest. This guy needs help.

I dropped my robe to reveal... A Tuxedo! Joellyn walked over with my drink, and we walked away.

Damn I look good. (photo courtesy of Nat)

Me with Ya Ya (Mmmm...) and Kathy. (photo courtesy of Nat)

Had to have another pic of this.

And of course needed just one more... This time of me with Ya Ya (Mmmm...) and Tracy.

Joellyn and I on the Balcony.

Jumped by the Dumb and Dumber guys.

CC going in for the Boob Grab, but I guess he can't see well in that mask. (photo courtesy of Nat)

Stylish... (photo courtesy of Nat)

CC having a Wardrobe Malfunction.

Look at this guy. (photo courtesy of Nat)

"I had a funny feeling that you would go all out on this, CC, so just in case you did win...."

"I baked you a cake!" (photo courtesy of Nat)

That's right, it was a tear away Tux! And underneath was the whipped cream bikini!!

Needless to say, I won! Just barely. So, here's to you, CC! Oops, make that, here's to you, Mark!

The man in the whipped cream bikini gets the girls.

A pic of my crotch. The costume was actually made of latex. I sculpted it up really quickly, cast it in latex, then painted it up the night before I left for the con.

Danny wants a taste.

Peter doesn't look too shocked.

The contestants!

A gift from Mark.

Alex not really looking shocked.

I don't know how many people actually thought it was whipped cream and tried to lick it.


Glover, you freak!

Calvin kind of avoiding me.

There's no whipped cream up there!

Angie loved it!








Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Costumes, Miss SpatCave, Miss SpatCave 2, The Spattle, Spattle Page 2

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