DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Sam "pretends" to fight off a Cherry Bomb.

HEAD!! Giant Head!!

It's mostly a costume...


My awesome Eureka Bowling Shirt!

Then we headed to the Wolf Pack party!


Photo Gnome flashing his junk.

Nice shirt!

Mmm... Honor...

Marian gets up on stage and claims an Ironette!

Dancing with a drink on her head!

Go ladies!

Me and Toby!

Wandering back to the hotel!

Shannon's totally coming on to me!

Captain America's Shield right next to the bed? Someone got a Captain Booty Call!

Party goer!

Paul McGillian insisted on taking Spunch photo with me! And would not stop until he got one he liked!


Saying hello to Daniel.

Ahhhh, late night party people!

Daniel makes new friends!


Z makes a statement!

Z and Trin. Political and stuff.


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