DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Superman and Bizarro!

Flash and Green Lantern! It's like DC Comics threw up at DragonCon!



Traci dressing casual.

Ashia, me and Traci!

This is a stray that we found. She actually wandered over to us because her friends had ditched her and she had no place to go and didn't know anyone at the con. So we adopted her.

Captain Condom!

Mary Alice!

Guys dressing as girls at DragonCon is sooooo played out.

Sarah and Peter.

The Pope! Or Palpatine. Or Popatine!

Our stray. Awwww.... Maybe we can find a good home for her.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blame me.

Fin and Kathy forgot their lines, so they checked the script. The line is "Yes Spat. Anything for you."

Our Stray with Mearl.

Z breaks his shirt. This is why he can't have nice things!

Room partying with Toby!

Peter, Tony and Z.

Me and Shannon!


Beer Trooper!

Me and Athena.

Helmet collection.

Werewolf collection.

Always watch out for the watermelons!!

Me and Athena again!

Every girl is one watermelon away from a Lesbian act!

I don't know why I took a pic with her. She looks very sad. I hope it's not something I said!

Me and Honor!

Anthony loved this guys costume!


Time for the Parade!! And of course, on no sleep!

The crew gathering around and getting ready!

The new SpatCave Drop Down IR Sight! Coming soon!

Getting ready....



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