DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Anthony giving the international sign for "I love the clam".

Spat crotch!

I think Paul is giving Handy's under the table!

Yeah, didn't need to see that!


Nice Aeon Flux!


The Queen of the Damned!

Superman on a bender!

I'm guessing Red Sonja without the Red? And is that a Pokemon sword?

Anime stuff?

The top of the con.



No idea.



Well, I guess that's one use for a Dalmatian!

Walking to breakfast after the bars closed!

Anthony flies too close to the sun and orders double Cheese Grits!


Knee scrape!

Drew catches a nap.

And yet, everyone took pics on the walkway.

Little Abe taking a pee.

At our big last day dinner, we decided to have a table war! This is the damage the enemy did to my air force!

Their planes' guidance systems need work.

My bombers, loaded with their Splenda payload, ready for flight. Yes, I went chemical with my warfare.

Little Abe is a lush.

Ohhh, I just want to through a paper airplane full of Splenda right in Paul's face!!

The dinner crowd!


Then as the waitress was bringing some food, coleslaw everywhere!!

And as Baz was getting some Chocolate Nachos (you read that right), POW! All over his face!

Here's what was left of our booze. That's the second bottle of Jack. :)

Baz gave away his Guinness Shirt!

Last Nerd Standing! Batgirl taking pictures in the walkway where the signs say no pictures on the walkway!!

Yeah, we got thonged.

Last minute Jager goodies!

Look, a Dragon!

That's just wrong.

Gareth insists that it's him on the new DragonCon t-shirt!

Morgan drinks like a man!

Morgan did it better.


My morning wood.

And the fuzz in the sink at the end of the weekend. Did they shave a cat in there?!?!


Well, that's it for DragonCon 2010! See you all next year!


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