DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Then I noticed that the entire bar was full of people in "Blame El Spat" shirts!

My shocked face!

My shocked face in a hat!

Harley Quinn!

Tia's butt.


Me and Tia.

Aimee with a beer!


Lisa gets a Spat Mustache Ride.

El Spat!

Mini Reunion!

A Spat in a hat!

Julie gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Wow. J.P. is a little less hairy than Julie!

Mustache Ride!

See? The shirt does not lie!


Sarah meets Paul. Again, standard DragonCon greeting.

Looks like Paul got chain mail cheese grating on the face!


Lara as an Ironette!

You're not supposed to notice that Drew is filling his Mooby's Cup from a flask!

Mmm.... Flasky.

And Drew gets a gift!

Anthony acts casual.

Drew and Lara!

I had to fix her Arc Reactors. I'm totally a Tony Stark!

Awww, poor Z.

Iron Crotch!


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