DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Ahhh... once again, 'tis time for DragonCon!! That magical time of the year when everyone wears costumes and girls will do ANYTHING if you'll just take a picture of them!!


Anthony and I headed to the airport and stopped in at the airport bar for our traditional Bloody Mary!

Ahhh... tradition...

Anthony found a little friend at the bar! Ewwww...

Once in Atlanta, we bumped into Lottie and her awesome shirt!

The Brits arrived, and once again we had our DragonCon Reunion!

Then J.P. and Julie showed up with their Atomic Cherries. BAD!

Me and Lori!

Lori wearing inappropriate DragonCon shoes!

The Munkey invades the SheVaCon crew!

Stacy and Lynn join us at the bar.

Nice manners!

Ruby and Jenn!

The obligatory dry humping.

Scott licks Paul's Pussy.

The Wednesday night bar crew. Yes, Wednesday is the new Thursday.


Apparently this is the customary greeting in England.

That's a lot of beer!

Me and the King!

The King greets his subjects!

Me and Marian!

Froggy and Daniel!

After we closed down the hotel bar, we wandered over to a local pub and bumped into our Bartender from the hotel!

Scott makes new friends.


Scott and Froggy.

Scott's Rape Whistle.

Is it me, or is Omelette spelled wrong?

BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER. Eggs Benedict with a side of Cheese Grits! At 4 am, this is heaven!!


Just a little creepy...

Rebecca's Booty.

When I was in Anaheim, I picked up a little gift for Baz... He was a little happy to get it.



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