DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Shameless Flirt? I should be wearing those!


Anthony hordes his beer.


Z in a small hat!


Morgan all dressed up!

Anthony in his Sturdy Wings shirt from Role Models.

Buck Rogers!!

Heather made an appearance. Sort of.


Cat Women!


That's his disguise!


Trying to see if the shirt was translucent.

Traci as Phoenix.

Ashia as Cave Girl!

That's just wrong!


Drew arrives! Woo!

And then flips me off with a Cat Woman nail!

Cat Woman's nail goes up my nose!


Our awesome waitress, Hiwot!

Rex as Thor!

Lisa as Sarah Connor!

Jessica. In a blonde wig!

Then Drew surprised me with a shirt!

Not just any shirt. An "El Spat" shirt!

Which was kind of funny because Fin had been calling me El Spatto all weekend!

And then I noticed that Drew was wearing a "Blame El Spat" shirt!

And on the back...

Floor of the bar.

Then I noticed Rob had a "Blame El Spat" shirt on, too!

And Drew looked smug...


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