DragonCon 2010

9/1/10 - 9/7/10


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Heidi dresses the Bug.

The calm before the storm!




The Predators.

Super heroes.

Joe's and Cobra's!

DREW! Out without his head protection!

Our USCM Honor Guard.

Jessica... there's something on your boob....

That's a big gun.

Phoeni. That's the Plural for Phoenix.

Girl Deadpool and Dogpool.

Honor Guard.

I like how Rebecca is holding her Shorty Spulse like a Clutch.

Drew's butt.

Dr. Theopolis!! Found this on Gil Gerard's table!

Our table at the USCM Dinner. Drew stuck his finger in front of the camera so he could be in the pic.

Did you know that Drew is from Brooklyn, Georgia?

Dinner with the Colonial Marines!

Sean slices off a piece of Sushi!

Awards Ceremony.

Nat and her giant Q-Tip.

Allison from the front and back!

Bird people?


The Rainbow Lantern!

Her name was Julie. She was a showgirl!



Ahhh, Jack and Diet. A real man's drink!

Nice ink!

Lena as Domino!!


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