DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Sunday Cont'd

Dirty pillows...

Lotsa Slave stuff going on that weekend...

Cat Woman pinching my butt.

Predator pinching my butt.

Both girls pinching my butt.

Captain and Mrs. America pinching my butt.

Spiderman pinching my butt.

Hey, you can't see their hands, they could be pinching my butt!! It's my page, I tell the stories the way I want to!

Crazy Oompa Loompa promised me candy if I followed him up to his room...


Cat Woman trying to grab my boobie.

Ya Ya grabbing my... ok, I'll stop now.

I don't know what she thinks that button does, but the one I really want pressed is about two feet lower...

She was having none of that!!

Logan; X-Man, Superhero, Mo'el

It's me with Javier, or Cesar, or Fred...

Trooper Groupie! Next year I want to see some Spat Groupies!!

Brian getting naughtier as the night goes on.

Rain as Mystique!

I am Evil Spat, I am Evil Spat!

Zorg's ZF-1!!

Trooper Pimp Daddy!

See what happens when you lend your camera out? You get a bunch of people playing a game of Grab ass!

Always double knot your tops!!

THE ULTIMATE IN INSULTS!! Matt gets the Double Deep Devil Horns!! And gets them from an Oompa Loompa no less.

I think she's trying to get her finger into my belly button in the hopes uf unknotting it and deflating me.

Those Troopers love to party!!

Making more money!! Up to $9... Going for the record!!


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