DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Friday Cont'd

Belly dancers...

Imperial chicks.

Tony getting grabby. Too many hits off the Hooka, I guess.

Show me more!

Me molesting Fin. Later I was told by Kathy that I was forbidden from touching her.

I'm not touching you...

Final costume shot of the night... Another great job by the Wolfe Brothers!


For a few years now there has been a parade Saturday morning at DragonCon. And every year I plan on being in the parade, and every year I sleep through it. This year, the Marines were going to be marching and asked me to make an appearance. They promised to bring a stretcher for me and that they would carry me for the parade. THEY LIED!!

The Marines lining up.

Guardian Mattsuo.

Charlie, NeoKramer..

Brian, Anubian Warrior.

Me!! In armor!! How shocking!!

Tony dressed up as an Imperial Coronor and carried around this severed Trooper arm. It went over great!

Super Girl. Now she looks.... well, Super.

My panel girls!

Slave Leia. I looked better.

Fairy/Pixie/Nymph thing.


Looks like we kept Stephen up too late the night before!

Since I would be doing a panel that night on Naughty costumes, I had to go around and take pictures of all the girls in naughty outfits. It was for work, I swear!!

Julie in her Slave Leia. I still looked better.

Panel #3; Saving Face; Making Masks and Appliances

Really nice head of Tiffany Sheppis made by Jonathan Blake Thornton.

And a corpse also made by Jonathan.

The Panelists discuss making masks and lifecasts and gory things in general.


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