DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6


Well, I guess I should say something about the weekend here. DragonCon is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention that takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta Georgia. I've been there four years in a row, but this year things in my life had changed. I had already done a bunch of other conventions as a guest, and wondered if I was popular enough to warrant that same status at DragonCon. After all, this is the biggest convention of it's kind on the East Coast, and it's also my favorite convention to attend.

First off, months before the convention I contacted Matt Foster, who runs the Independent Film Track at DragonCon and asked about doing some panels at the con. He liked the idea, and then mentioned that I may want to apply for guest status. I was wary, but contacted Pat Henry (the Capo de Capo of DragonCon) and asked if I should bother filling out an application for the convention. He told me "We've gotten worse applications, give it a shot, you never know." With glowing accolades like that, how could I refuse! I sent in my application, got accepted, and then was contacted by Brian Holloway who was running the new Costuming Track at the convention and he gave me a list of Panels he was adding me to. So I headed down to Atlanta, to attend my first DragonCon as a guest!

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Thursday's Pics...

At first I thought I had mixed up the pics from last year with the ones from this year. Isn't this how last year's DragonCon page started....?

The armor man himself!

Drinks this year at the Hyatt bar are all served in little tiny glasses on the head of an R2 Droid. And yes, I did fill those little glasses with beer and Jack Daniel's!

Ken, Julie, and Kathy drinking R2's fluids. Ewww...

Julie being VERY clear about what she wants.

Mearle sending me a very clear message as well!

Ceaser, or Javier, or Fred.

Leon Sacrilege. For those who don't know, this is the Brit who ran the New York Marathon in full Stormtrooper armor. I think he completed it in just under 9 days. Also, he appeared on the British version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Sadly, it didn't stick.

Me with Brian!

Renee! And she thought I would forget her name!

One of the perks of being a guest at DragonCon. Oral from the fans!

Shane trying to guess what Kathy's breath smells like.

Brian hypnotized by his own Pac Man Pantomime act!

Mearle administering a self breast exam.

Ken discovering himself at the bar.

Damn, the Hotel's Mariachi band is getting freakier and freakier every year.


Norelle in her fairy costume.

A Predator pulling a Boob Grab on an Alien!

Panel #1 Costuming for Conventions.

Standing room only for the first ever panel on the Costuming Track!

Look at me answering questions! Ok, mostly I was trying to burp the alphabet.

Me with the MAN!! Brian Holloway! The Guru of costuming at DragonCon!

Uh oh... a Predator... Thankfully I'm not in the Alien costume, or he might try to Boob Grab me! Actually, I just found out that it's a woman in the Predator costume.. Now where the hell is my Alien costume!!

Rain in her... well, I guess it's a costume, but it's hard to focus long enough to figure out what costume it is...

Panel #2 SFX Make-Up; How to Make a Zombie.

A great panel that started off with a bang as Tom Savini decided to crack a real bullwhip, and instead, hit my friend Tony AND my video camera. I immediatley ran over to make sure the camera was ok.

Matt Foster would break down the situation of what a filmmaker wants, and how much he wants to spend, and we would each explain how we would go about making the effects cheap. Then the audience would also ask questions on effects, blood, and mak-up in general. A really fun panel!


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