DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Sunday Cont'd

Almost got it...

Hey, that's my lip!

Who knows, maybe she has an evil cherry there as well...

Brian trying out some casual Marine gear.

See, it will kill you.

Then it was time to break out my new Naughty DragonCon costume! That's right, Caution Tape Spat!!

The plan was for there to be other girls in Caution Tape as there have been so many of them in past years. But none showed up!!

She's trying to chew me out of this costume!

REVENGE IS MINE!!! Two years ago, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) twisted my nipple while I was wearing the Slave Leia costume. Now it's my turn!

Leon checking for a hernia.

Albin getting naughty.

Oh c'mon, it's bigger than that!! Well, maybe not. :(

Albin trying to pry me out.

Kathy and I all color coordinated.

I don't know what she's saying, but I'm sure it's not good!

Double Marine Boob Grab.

Double Marine Nipple Pinchy!


Shh... Don't tell Natasha I stuck a picture of her on the page.

Charles getting a mouthful!

Looking good!

Rena loved the costume! Or lack thereof!

Charles getting revenge for the big orange cone I got him with at Celebration 2!

This is one of the former Caution Tape girls. Thankfully she wasn't offended!

Regular tape girls. Don't worry, I won't try this costume next year, it'll hurt too much to take off!


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