DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Sunday Cont'd

She wants more!!

At least she was nice enough to cover my shame. Sadly, Lisa (wearing the Xena costume on page 10) sat on my lap for about an hour while we talked. During that hour, she of course shifted her weight while on my lap. When she got up, my Caution Tape was quite the mess! All askew and with gaps in it showing things that shouldn't be seen!

"Maybe if I squint really hard I'll be able to see his little thing..."

Lisa, the evil Caution Tape Messer Upper Girl!

Leon!! It's funny how the girl next to him looks so prim and proper, and he looks like.. well... Leon.

More Squinters.

I have no comment at this time.

"Ok, you can stay, but the guy with no shirt has to leave"

Pink is definitely not this year's pink.



Nature Girl!

Stragglers at 4 am


I think this is one of the Queer Guys looking for Leon's Straight Eye.

This was the last thing I saw before being turned around and cavity searched... AGAIN!


That snake looks stuck!

She's still squinting, and he's giving me much more credit than I deserve.

Trying for the Betty Page look.

Going for the Marilyn look.

Striking a pose!

Everyone loves the slippers!

Looks like they're having a girl chat moment!

It's good to host the party!

My Caution Tape had gotten so messed up that I had to go and change. On the way back to the party we bumped into these nice D/s's.


And one last game of footsie.

"I swear I'll call you after. See, I put it in my phone. You can't erase a number once it's in a phone. Trust me."

I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture.

Ceasar/Javier/Fred! Awesome party.

By the end of the night I had made a grand total of $35 in tips! I believe that's a new "Tips Made by Someone in a Costume at DragonCon" Record. And if it's not, it must be a "Tips Made by a Chubby Guy in Costume at DragonCon" Record.

We made it back to the room by about 6 or 7 am, and called it a night.


Monday was spent recovering, listening to the stories of last night, and assessing the damage caused by my costume the night before. Many people commented that it was too much, and many more told me that they expected something much worst, or that I was wearing too much Caution Tape. They were expecting me to have made a thong out of it.

I did bump into Pat Henry the night before and he didn't look too happy with what I was wearing, so I have a feeling that I won't be invited back as a guest to DragonCon ever again! That's sad, because I really did have the best time ever at this show!!

Monday night I went to dinner with whatever stragglers were left from the 501st, and ended up sitting next to Fin. She kept commenting on how much she liked, and wanted to touch my "Shiny Button". I assume that was a euphemism for "Tiny Penis".

We hit the Salad bar at the restaurant and made our salads.

Here's my salad creation.

Here's Albin's.

And here's Fin's. Can you say "Control Issues"? For the next few minutes I had a lot of fun trying to help un-segregate her salad. I helped her eggs migrate to the suburbs. And later there was a Salad Tornado that completely wrecked Greenbeenville. Fin made sure to protect her raisins from destruction. That girl likes her raisins. But sadly, I wasn't allowed to touch them.

After that, the con was over and it was time for everyone to go home!

Big thanks again to DragonCon, the staff and everyone else for helping me out with my Guestness while there. Thanks to Pat Henry, Matt Foster and Brian Holloway for inviting me, and giving me something to do during the day aside from sitting at the bar. Thanks to Tony and Eric for helping out during my panels. Thanks to the Colonial Marines for inviting me to march in the parade, even though they forgot my stretcher! And big thanks to Chirser for driving me to the airport on Tuesday.

AND be sure to check out "SpatCave Presents; Spat Gone Wild; How To Trash a DragonCon" video! We shot 4 hours of video this weekend, and plan to put it together and make a fun little documentary out of it. More details as they come!

Hopefully we'll see you at the next one!!

And, by popular demand, here are Tony's pics! (Had he kept them in some sort of chronological order, I would have filtered them in, but it's just too much work!!)




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