DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Sunday Cont'd

You know you want to touch me!!

Toga!! Nice tongue action on the blonde there.

Somebody forgot to paint his wrist...

Cami with her new Tat from Eric!!

That is some freaky tongue on that boy!

Leon with his tattoo. Translated from Latin it means "I am a loud drunk. I get it on with horses. I kissed Dion. I love Spat."

She loves to touch me!

I got untied again, and asked someone to tie the top back on for me. They did it a little tight, huh? But I do look buff!

That's right, people were taking souveniers!! I should sell pieces of the costume on E-Bay!

Why is he pulling my leg so tight to his crotch?


Amber... and Stephen.

Then it was time to crash a Drunk Track party.

Pablo, you sick bastard. How's it taste?

At the party I was sitting on the couch with a girl and some guy threw a pillow at us, spilling her drink on me, and knocking the head off my cigarrete and burning me. I yelled at the guy to be more careful, and Pablo came running over and was all set to violently throw the guy out! I forgave the guy, it was an accident, but Pablo, you ROCK!!

So sexy.

Eric showing off his mutant Bogwyn tattoo!

Rebecca! And tony trying to get away!

Up to $15!! Broke the record!

I've got that "Deer in the headlights" look there!

Tony cracking open a little bottle of something yummy!

Fly away! Fly, fly away! Damn, I hate Techno.


Wait, we've got our drinks all mixed up...

Try it again!

Let me see if I can get a better station on the radio...

Rebecca got mad when I put on a Country music station and them pulled off the knob so no one could change it back to Techno!


This girl looks like she needs a nice helping of Vibrating Slipper treatment!

And here she goes! The look on her face tells the whole story.

Look, a girl is actually touching me!!


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