DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Sunday Cont'd

Ok, yes, she has a great butt, but do you really need to try and cram a camera up there?

Rena working a buck UP the costume!

Me and Brian.

On page 9 this girl learns the error or her ways. Never wear a top that's tied, unless you double knot it!!

Then again, maybe I shouldn't talk!



Billy of AeroSith likes the costume!

I loved the costumes, but I do find it odd that the entire cast of Reno 911 had to take turns giving me a cavity search. Couldn't they have just teamed up to save time?

Mike! And it looke like I'm about to get groped!

Aeon Flux!

I had to take this pic just to piss off Heather. :)


Spanked by the Trannies!

Sexy Fem Trooper. Check out those abs!

Arrgghh!! it's a guy! Wait, didn't we already do this joke?

There, now I can't see anything.

"What happens if I push this button?"

Pinch my ass again and I'll kill you all!!

Fin broke the rule and actually touched me! Kathy! One more point for me!!

One of the Caution Tape girls said she made $13 in tips last year. Well, since the most I've ever made in tips for a costume was about $4, I didn't think I had a shot at the record...

...But that's a Platinum Mastercard!! I think I win!!

Me with a group of girls as someone gets in the way!


Goat's good for a buck.

Stephen liked the costume a bit too much. I got the feeling he wanted to be Wonder Woman to my Calvin...

All three people who get that joke will laugh themselves silly for a week. For everyone else... too freaking bad!


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