DragonCon 2004

9/2 - 9/6

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Saturday Cont'd


Panel #4; NC-17 Costuming.

They hooked me up to a machine that would read my thoughts and project them onto the big screen. Like they needed a machine to figure that out!

I've gotta say, this panel was a lot of fun! We basically looked at pictures of half naked women and critiqued them. How can you beat that?!?!

Tony asking if he looks naughty enough.

Eric being Eric.

That night I headed over to the 501st Mixer and was given my Trooper of the Month award!!

They like me, they really like me!

Woo Hoo!! The Bug Suit makes a return!! I sent it back to the Wolfe Brothers months ago because they wanted to add in some animatronics and re-paint it. Looking good! Now kick that Predator's ass!!

Vibrating slipper on a Trooper butt!

Rich in his Angel costume biting me!


Brian looking normal for once!

Charles scratching both his elbows at once. He's so talented!

Amber... Oh how we all love Amber...

Fem Trooper Boob Grab!

NO!!! I've been deceived!! Dude, she's a dude, dude!!

As mentioned on the SpatCave Message Board it was requested that I bring down some photos of myself and sign them for money or drinks. I didn't think I would sell as many as I did, and I really didn't need all those extra drinks!

Brian gets his! The Slave Leia pic, the Clear back Trooper pic and the One of Spat pic were the biggest sellers.

Excuse me, I have to take this...

Lori wanted one as well!

And of course, one for our lovely waitress. She brings me a lot of drinks.

At the next table, Stephen spotted Garret Wang (Star Trek Voyager) and told me to give him a pic of me as One of Spat.

How could I resist?

He loved it, and the next day told me that next time he sees Jeri Ryan he's going to show it to her.

Rich with Garret.

Nipples are bad.

You can almost make out the fact that they are actually saying "Fuck You, Spat".

Damn, I should have worn my Emperor Palpatine costume! It's good to be the Emperor!!

And at the end of the night, Rich asked me to help him take off the Angel appliance. I warned him that I didn't have any of the glue remover, the best I could do is just rip it off him. Thankfully, we were both really drunk.


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