DragonCon 2003

Page 9

8/28 - 9/1


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You know, it's just wrong when men wear women's clothing to a convention. Wrong I say!

Kids playing Marco Polo with Wolverine!

Gambit, Black Cat, and Angel!

Heather and Amanda.

Half Naked Girl #78 with Heather.

So true, most of the time...

Testing to see if the photo would look good for Richard. I'm like his test Monkey!

Me and Slave Leia!

Heather with Peter Mayhew (Chebacca)!

Han and his Trophy.

Heather with Tilly the Wonder Dog!

Black Cat and Wolverine!

Jack Skelton!

Dreaming of a Jeannie... and her Black Cat.

Marines, we are leaving!

Heather really wanted a pic with Lance, since she actually helped make his armor! She was so happy to see it out there!

Now why did Heather not do what the nice shirt told her?

Just wanted to show you all what the crowd around Heather looked like!

And of course, she does it all for the kids!

Lucky Spidey.

Yeah! My Marines! Looking sharp!

Gotta get me a Spiderman costume!


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