DragonCon 2003

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8/28 - 9/1


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Swapping hats, it the middle of lice and tick season! What were they thinking??

I don't know what he's supposed to be, but it's cool.

I don't know what he said to her, but it seemed pretty off color!

Kathy gets it on!

Barrett, you dog!

Heather and Mike!

And then it was time for sleep.

Heather and Richard.


I got a call on Sunday from Jenny. It seems that her and Natasha were planning a funny costume for the Star Wars costume contest. They were going to dress up as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, but they needed a guy in a Princess Leia costume to go along. They asked everyone, and none of the guys would do it! So finally, they came to me. Now I had made a deal with Albin (Commander of the 501st Stormtroopers) last year that I would never wear another female Star Wars character costume again. I also promised that I would wear Stormtrooper armor for the first time ever at a Convention. Well, Albin gave me a reprieve, and I was off the the contest!

Never leave your camera with Zippy!!

And here we come!

And here it is. And yes, we actually won Judges Choice in the contest!! How sad is that!

Dale liked it!

And of course, the Spat Butt.

Later that night it was time to debut my Trooper armor. Kathy had organized a gackle of Trooper Groupies. Girls would would pick a Trooper and follow him around all night acting as his personal cheering section! I got 3 groupies; Kathy, Heather and Lara. Apparently they figured just one groupie would end up taking a lot of abuse from me. Tanya was Dion's groupie, and Narrelle was Rich's Groupie.

And here I am, posing in armor with the groupies!

They do look great, don't they?

The girls made a big splash in the lobby!

A lot of Troopers were very jealous that night! But Rich looks happy, doesn't he?

Of course, there was an accident at the airport with the X-Ray machine, and for some reason people could actually SEE through my armor! How scary is that?? Hey, Albin never said it had to be all white armor!! Heather added the Censored sign. She thought the sight of my hairy butt would frighten people!

It's good to be the Sultan... oh, wait.

I look good in armor. I may have to wear this stuff again!

Sadly, every guy kept pulling the Censored sign down, and every girl kept pulling it back up!

And then John arrived in his Strong Bad costume!! Big thanks from John to Heather for all the painting work she did on it.

I always wanted to Boob Grab® Strong Bad!


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