DragonCon 2003

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8/28 - 9/1


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Barrett showed up, and I had to grab his butt.

The Harem girls were quite a hit!

Indy liked them.

Kola, our other waitress liked them.

And then I found two new recruits! My harem is growing... along with something else...

Leon, the Brit, scratching himself in public. Don't the Brits ever shower?

Mearle showing off his new Prostate examination tool.


Elvis trying to steal my girls!

Natalie, our German Trooperette, showing Leon how they drink on the other side of the wall.

Atlanta's Finest hard at work!

Get your filthy hands off her you damed dirty Trooper!

"Help me, Hemp Knight, that Spat guy is creepy!"

Dean Boob Grabbing™ me!?!?! I told you it was getting out of hand. Or into hand as it were.

That's right, I dance at the bar. I have no shame.

One of the strangest pieces of equipment that a Jedi carries, the "Mini Lightsaber Nose Hair Trimmer".

Ahhh... I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's good to be the Sultan.

A nice candid shot of me doing nothing naughty. How odd.

Natalie strikes again!

Spat 3 upholding his duties by dressing in drag because I was for once in a male costume. He's a real trooper!

Uruk-Hai trying to steal the women!

Rich in his Neo costume.

Sam Boob Grabbing™ Tony! What's this world coming to!

See, it's ok when I do it.

Matt showing off his hand held eye gouger.

Bruce enjoying a drink while giving Kathy a foot massage! Be sure to check his link for some cool toys! VJ Collectibles

Heather in the Green Room with Chase Masterson (Deep Space Nine).

Heather getting very offended by something Scott pulled out of his pocket. But since this is a Family Convention, I can't even show the pics here!


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