DragonCon 2003

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8/28 - 9/1


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I don't know what Kathy is doing to Natalie, but we all liked watching!

The official MTV Jedi himself, Charles!

See what I mean? Now we're Crotch Grabbing?

Actually, it is kind of fun to do it to Hey, James. I think he deserves it.

Self shot with Ceasar!

And a little lick for Heather.

Cheek to cheek with a big smile for Barrett.

Drooling on Bob's collar.

Kissy face with Matt.

And poor little shoolgirl, Dawn looking to make her lunch money the hard way!

Kathy choking Barrett.

Dale looking suave with my women!

Bob groping some thigh!

Me, Nat and Katherine group hugging.

Someone get Hey, James a sandwich!!

And tell him that Kathy's tattoo isn't flavored.

Barrett and Heather... Again...

And look who it is, Vaughn Armstrong (Star Trek Enterprise). Now, the first pic was taken this weekend, and the second was taken 2 months ago at Shore Leave. Notice anything odd? He's wearing the same outfit!! We're now calling the act of wearing the same clothes to different Cons, "Pulling a Vaughn." It's a definite fashion don't.

Bob Boob Grabbing™ Barrett! That's full cup!

Terminator!! Nice smoke effect! I assume he was on fire and didn't know it.

Richard with Tony and Katherine!

Look at these two lushes!

Agent Bob!

The Orcs out of make-up!

Brotherly love. Well, we are in the South!

Mary Alice and Tanya trying to be good.

Tanya gets a few drinks in her, and suddenly the Boob Grabs© fly!


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