DragonCon 2003

8/28 - 9/1


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Well, it's that time again, time for DragonCon in Atlanta, GA! Heather and I had been busting our butts getting all the costumes done in time, and we finally got 90% of them completed.

We got to the show on Thursday, checked in, got our passes and then headed to.... THE BAR! (of course)

A staple of the DragonCon bar at the Hyatt, Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti from Star Wars) showed up, and immediately started stealing the women!

Almost immediately, Heather and Kathy were invited to try on some new chainmail underwear made by Ernest.

Eugenia and Ken. Ken had some serious problems with his Registration for the Con, but luckily, due to a screw-up, DragonCon had three "Spat" badges printed out. So Ken became "Spat 3". In case I was unable to fulfil my duties as Spat, Heather would take over. In her absence, Ken became the ruling Spat for that night. He handled his duties very well.

To quote Richard, "What can I say, DragonCon '03, day 1."

Me and Kathy.

Kathy attempting to put on her lipstick with her breasts, ala Breakfast Club.

The Drunk Track members arrived soon after and claimed their position of power.

Kathy trying not to give a free show. Of course, she's a little upset that I did win the contest that night for best nipples.

Maria trying to look sober.

Kathy, Narrelle and I hamming it up.

Tony and Sam snuggling. How cute.

John finally made his way down to the bar. Here he is with Tony and Mike.

The Boob Grabs© got out of hand this weekend! I have never seen so many in one night! Everyone was Boob Grabbing™ everyone else! It was disgusting! The sad part is, most of them were doing the Boob Grab® wrong and getting into trouble!

Now this is how a Boob Grab® is done!

"I'm pinching your nipple"

Sam and Kathy. Why didn't we get Sam in a chainmail bikini?

What's up with Narrelle licking Kathy? Is that an Australian thing?

Mary Alice and I.

And here's Narrelle and I not licking Chris, one of my Marines!

Narrelle has a licking fetish of some sort.

Amanda our cute waitress.

Showing the Aussie how it's done!

Group hug!

And of course, Rich. Had to show a pic of Rich.


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