DragonCon 2003

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8/28 - 9/1


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And what party would be complete without "Hey, James"?

See how Hey James tries to stick his head into this pic of Matt and Dale. How rude he is!!

Ahhh... Sam and I engaging in a little Voodoo!

"I'm an Admiral, dammit, I can do whatever I want!"

Another successful Sam Boob Grab®!

It's shocking how many people are able to find me at the bar!

I'm suprised the Cops didn't tell her to get down!

Shane and Jenny. Carrying those books, it looks like she's on her way to study.

Trooper Chic.

Shane looking smart with his newest accessory, Spat!

Kathy with someone even less dressed than she is!

Friday it was time for the costumes to really come out!

And finally debuting, Tony in his Orc costume! Mask made here at the Spatcave, applied and made up by the Wolfe Brothers, armor and costume by Tony himself! Sewing thanks to Rosa, paint by Rosa and Heather.

And of course we had to get a shot with him!

And another debut, Cory in his Uruk-Hai costume, mask again by yours truly, SpatCave!

And here is the whole squad of Orcs and Uruk-Hai! These guys made the cover of the Atlanta papers!

And then it was time for my Harem girls to make an appearance! Kathy and Heather as my Belly Dancing Love Slaves!

Of course, the Damned Marines are always stealing my women!

Time for the Orc to have a little break.

Ahh, the Harem girls! Gotta love it!

Sometimes I let them be seen without the veil, but it's rare.

Boba and Darth trying to hone in on my action!

Ahh, it's good to be the Sultan!


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