DragonCon 2003

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8/28 - 9/1


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Self shot with April!

Hey, James and Heather getting groovy!

Seven of Nine got some new Borg Implants!

Have I ever told you that it's good to be the Sultan?

Boob Grab® for Lara! My other lovely Harem Girl!

Kathy and Barrett in a Grab Fiesta!!

Heather looking very somber at the bar.

Charles and Sithvixen hamming it up.

And of course, a Sithvixen Boob Grab®!

Narrelle showed up in her Green Fairy costume!

Narrelle and Kathy.

The obligatory Boob Grab®.

Scott and Narrelle.

Narrelle and Brian.

Drunk Guy #3.

A little me and Heather action.

Is it just me, or do they look really scared of me?

Spat 3 getting licked by Spat Prime!

Lara looking very silly.

Lara and Rich.

Matt just loves showing off that finger!

Scott paying close attention to what's going on at the bar!


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