Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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Spent the day relaxing on the dock with Michal Beckham. Michal is an American singer brought from Philadelphia to play with the band. That came out wrong. Sing with the band is what I meant. She's an awesome Jazz singer.

I always mention how Turkbuku is full of dogs, but it's also full of cats as well. And oddly enough, the dogs and cats don't fight in this town. And here's Yahya taking home a souvenir.

That night all the bar staff was given ID badges to wear. Made it a lot easier for me! Here's Aydin posing. Looks like he has a lot of experience with these kinds of pictures....

That night I bumped into Deniz and Mahve. These are two of the regulars that hang out at the bar (check out the Dog Bay and Turkey '01 stories for more info).

Mahve, Deniz, and Deniz' mom hanging out on the dock.

Deniz smokin' a stogey!

Anyway, they left for Havana, and later my father and I headed over. Before we left I saw Idil walk by. She waved hello, but didn't stop to talk.

Me and my dad.

Ahh, the nice thing about having your own bar is that you can reserve the best seat in the house for yourself every night!

Bumped into Deniz and Mahve at Havana, but they wouldn't really talk to us because they were with a big group of friends. I can understand not wanting to talk to my dad, but they didn't even want to talk to me!
Havana is a huge outdoor nightclub (actually, pretty much everything in Bodrum is outdoors. It never rains down here, so very few places bother with the optional roof). During the day it's a beach club, and very, very popular. At 2 pm, they lock the gates and no one else can get in to tan. It also has a dock (most places down here do), and something like 4 bars. The place is always packed, and a lot of fun. They play a nice mix of Salsa, Disco, Hip Hop and Techno. Enough so that even an old fud like me can enjoy themselves.
My dad left and I hung around with Kerem and his friends for a bit, then we hopped into his boat and headed home.
It was the first time I ever took a boat home from a nightclub!

Me and Kerem, Kerem with his friend, and two of the girls we were hanging out with. Basically, I've already pretty much forgotten everyone's name. So if you don't see a name, I can't remember it!

Kerem is my stepbrother, nice guy, but usually a little too party oriented for me. But he's young yet, he'll get over it. One day he'll have to get a job!

I know, let's see how many drunk people we can stick in a boat!

Watch that throttle!

Sleepy time...

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