Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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"But I'm a sucker like I said,
Fucked up in the head. Not.
And maybe she just made a mistake,
And I should give her a break.
My heart'll ache, either way.
Hey, what the hell, what you want me to say?
I won't lie, that I can't deny,
I did it all for the nookie!"
-Limp Bizkit


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Time is slowly running out.

My dog enjoying himself.

Really need to work on my tan today.

Two hours in the sun so far. Feeling a bit like a meatloaf right now.

Just hanging out in the shade now, watching the hot girls go by. Such a sad, yet awkwardly fulfilling pastime.
Who knows if I'll even post all this useless crap that I've written. What a strange way to spend a week and a half.

Must kill Aydin...

Sorry, he started reading over my shoulder, so I needed to give him something good to read...
So odd, nothing freaky good happening, nothing freaky bad happening. Just some mild drama with Idil, and that's it. Could this be the end of the Spat Escapades? Is this the start of a new trend in my life: "Normal vacations"?
God, I hope not.
I think maybe I spent too much time this trip waiting and expecting the freaky things to happen than I did just relaxing and enjoying myself.
Have I gotten so used to the weird and macabre that normalcy suddenly seems strange and bizarre? Is this what I've done to myself?
All this self-examination has made me hungry.
Well, got bored while waiting for my food, so I started playing with my camera again. I'm just a nasty voyeur at heart.

I refuse to apologize. I was very, very bored.

I think it's time I headed back to the house for my ritualistic daily nap. I'm really starting to enjoy them.
Nap time is over. Watched the ending of Demolition Man in Turkish. They got Wesley Snipes voice down, but I'm sure they screwed up Dennis Leary's dialogue.

The band.

Kerem2 is playing again tonight at Tiyatro, so I stayed to check that out for a bit.

You know why I took these pics.


Then headed out for a bite with Yahya (Askin's Sax player) and Vulkan (Askin's Drummer). Afterwards we headed to Fidele to see Deniz2, but she wasn't there, I guess she was on a break or something. Oh well, at least I tried.
Don't know what I'll do tonight when the bar closes. Should I go to Bee, or just get some sleep?

"What the fuck is in the fucking box?" In Turkey, when you ask for the check, they give it to you inside a box of some sort. This is the check box at Tiyatro. I guess they're trying to confuse you into thinking they got you a present.

Cresent Moon, Star and Beer. That should be the new flag for Turkey!

Doing the crazy bartender dance.

Video of Aydin's Mouth (I was bored). (1.5 megs)

Askin playing with Kerem2's band. He seemed very happy with that!

Well, Deniz2 showed up at the bar after the band finished. She seemed a little upset that I didn't get to hear her sing. Can't tell if she's flirting with me or not, because she always seems to be hanging out with that other drummer guy.

Me and Deniz2.

We talked for a bit at the bar, then went and sat on the dock with a big group of people.
She invited me out to Bodrum tomorrow night to hear her sing, and I really have to go this time. She also said she'd meet me tomorrow morning on the dock to tan. She also wants to see pictures of my Alien costume. Should be fun...
Got home about 4:30 am to find Kerem and Mirac watching Extreme sports with some other guy passed out on the couch. What a way to spend a vacation. Apparently there's a new Extreme sport using a parachute and a short surfboard. Not sure of the name, nor am I sure if I'd even call it a sport. But I waited around long enough to brag when the guy from the USA won!
I'm not really tired, but I know I should get some sleep.

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