Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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Overslept. Went into Bodrum to do some shopping. Bought 10 computer games for 30 bucks. I just hope they work. Gotta love Turkey.

Kerem's motorcycle.

Me, Ahmet (the bar's manager), and Gunten.

Guess who's back?? That's right, the evil Lady Di!! I hate that dog!

My dad has a new little pond by the restaurant that has fish in it. And if you want to eat one, just point one out to the waiter, they snatch him up, and he's yours. Looks like they're sleeping now.

The bartenders getting ready for the night. Aydin wearing his new Spiderman shirt that I got him in New York. But what are those little stains all over it? What have you been doing in your off time, Aydin?

Went to Bee bar that night with Kerem and his friends.
Bee is a Techno nightclub right on the water that is basically an after hours place. Really nice outdoors club, with a dock, but the music all sounds the same to me. If they just played the same song all night long on a loop, I don't think anyone would notice. What freaked me out was that when a new song started, people in the club would cheer like this was their most favorite song ever. But to me, it sounded exactly like the last one! I guess I'm not a Techno fan.

Me relaxing. And Kerem with Mirac looking a little drunk.

Then the jazz band from the bar arrived.

After, we went out for soup at 5 am.

Askin looking all cool on his bike.

"Wanna race?"

"Mace him, mace him!!" I don't know why Yahya keeps this right there in his car. He scares me sometimes.

That was some damned good soup!

And here's the view from my balcony as the sun rose that morning.



Another band (apparently very famous) checked into the hotel today, and they needed my room, so I got bumped. I moved to the house where Kerem is living. It's nice, but I hate the idea of having to walk to the bar and restaurant every day and night. 5 minutes is a long time, and the hill leading up to the house kills me. I need to stop for a smoke break about half way up it. It's much more convenient when you live 15 feet from the Bar. :)
Went to Havana with Miray and her friends today. When I arrived, they had already locked the gate, but Miray told the bouncer that I was her Uncle from New York, so he let me in. After we got in, Miray started laughing and looking over her shoulder. I asked her what happened, and she said that 2 seconds after we walked in, her ex boyfriend arrived with Miray's former best friend (now his new girlfriend). They tried to get in, but were turned away. I asked if he saw us go in together, and she smiled and said, "yes". Gotta love the little games people play.
Damn, there are some hotties here. Falling big time for this brunette with blue eyes. She looks like a young Lynda Carter. I want to dress her up as Wonder Woman and do evil things to her. Helped one of her friends with an English paper. I hope she passes, or I'll look pretty stupid.
We stayed there pretty much all day, and then into the night.
That night I took the boat with Kerem, Mirac (his girlfriend), and Miray to the Bee bar. First time ever taking a boat TO a nightclub.

Miray in the boat.

Me and Kerem at Bee.

Me all happy, Kerem's friend waiting for a bus.

Kerem and Mirac.

And here are some of the ladies wandering the club.


Rode back in the rain, yes, rain. The first time it's rained in Bodrum in like 10 years. And man did it come down.

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