Turkey 2001

7/10 - 7/21


Well, Juan and I decided to head back to Turkey this summer to see if it really is as much fun the second time around. And this time we brought digital cameras with us so we wouldn't be slaves to whatever pictures Tony wanted to take (he was the only one who brought a camera last year). On the way to the airport we got to watch President Bush's motorcade heading to JFK to take off.

Here are the pics.


Here's a great shot of me sleeping on the plane. Juan loves to take these kinds of pics of me.... but revenge will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine....

A nice shot out the window of the plane.

Here we are in Istanbul Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Bodrum. This is after 10 hours on a plane. We had 7 hours more to wait for the connection.

This is Juan's Cappuccino. Istanbul style.

This is the mountain range to the North of Turkbuku. They call it the "Pregnant Woman" because they say it kind of looks like a woman laying down on her back. If that's what their women look like laying down, I'm on the next plane home!!

Juan relaxing at dinner our first night.

Here's my Dad having dinner with us.

My step-brother looking tired... or drunk... or both.

Me and Juan at the bar working. Well, working on our drinks. It's what we do.

Silly touristy shots.

Here's a shot of the back of Juan's hand where he claims I burned him with a cigarette. He whines like a little girl at the slightest scratch.

Some of the other scenic things in Turkbuku.

They call Turkbuku "Dog-Bay" (see the other Dog Bay story for more info). Here are some shots of the dog action that goes on there. Note the little doggy three-some going on!!

This is my Dad's bar "Tiyatro".

Juan in the back of the Jeep. My Dad seems to think that third gear is perfect for all terrains, and never shifted out of it once he got there. We went up hill, down hill, stopped, went, etc. All in third gear. I'd hate to be his mechanic.

My step-brother is a singer and guitar player in Turkey, and here are some shots of him playing with the band.

Me and some guy whose name I forgot.

Here's Deniz (you may remember her from last year). She has the HUGEST crush on my step-brother and bribed me to get some pics of them together. :)

Juan and Deniz dancing.

Some youngin's that Juan found at our bar.

A shot of the restaurant. We were bored.

My breakfast.

My Dad's ducks and his new duck pond.

My Step-Brother rehearsing.

My Step-Brother and his friends took us to a water park one day. We had a lot of fun, but there was only like 4 slides. But hey, it beat sleeping on the dock all day in front of the restaurant.

Some ruins.

My Dad relaxing by the bar.

Scenic shot.

Even more scenic shot.

Deniz's parents had an Anniversary party at our bar one night, and Deniz sang a song for them.

Here are some shots of our hotel room, and the awesome view from our balcony. Actually, the rooms were much improved from last year, my Dad did a great job on them.

Me and Juan.

We got so bored because there wasn't anything really going on in Turkey (the economy was all sorts of screwed up), so we had photo contests so see who could get the best shots of whatever. One day we decided to see who coulf get the best shot of "Lady Diana", the crazy dod that bit me last year. Juan won with the poop shot.

Me and the restaurant staff.

The bar from a different angle.

Me taking a walk. You can tell how bored we were, I hate to walk!!

Juan's fish dinner.

Juan getting ready to go out.

Juan with the staff.

Juan is like a chick magnet. Here are some of the ladies he was partying with one night.

Me checking my mail at the cyber cafe.

More scenic shots (even though Juan swears he never takes touristy shots!!).

Me flashing my tan line.

Juan on the balcony relaxing.

A local dog that had puppies. She didn't seem too happy for me to be there, that bitch.

Juan testing out his zoom lens.

I love this sign. This is in the restrooms in Istanbul.

Juan has this thing with cameras and snapping pics accidentally. He does it all the time. Thankfully, he doesn't pay for film developing anymore.




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