Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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"But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here."


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Back at the dock. It's so funny how everyone around here says good morning to me in English. I have them so well trained.
I'm leaving tomorrow night! My flight is at 6 am on Tuesday, so I basically have to leave here at like 3 am Monday night. Gonna have to pack in the afternoon as Aydin is taking me out tomorrow in Bodrum. Our plan is to be back here at about 2 or so to make it to the airport on time. Tomorrow is Aydin's first day off since I got here, so we really need to have some fun.
I think this afternoon I'll head into Bodrum and do my last minute shopping and check my mail and stuff.
I'm not really sure if I'm excited to go home or not, or if I'm starting to get used to relaxing and doing nothing. I guess I'll figure that out when I get back to New York.
Where the hell is my tea? You would think that as the owner's son I'd get some better service. They're damned lucky I don't speak enough Turkish to yell at them.

Daily zoom test.

The fender on Askin's bike.

Still no tea.
Yeah, finally got my tea! It's the small victories you treasure the most.
Man, am I sad.
I do love the strange, foreign smells that come from the kitchen here. Smells so exotic, but good at the same time. Hard to explain.
God, this is turning into a mini novel.
I really wish there was something even remotely interesting here for people to read. I kind of feel sorry for anyone who suffers through reading this entire soliloquy. Maybe I should put a warning on the first page.
Idil showed up while I was having lunch. Her and her whole group (mom, mom's friend, Nurhan, and Nurhan's boyfriend) are on the dock relaxing. This should be interesting.

Idil hanging out.

And some video of some strange faces and noises she made at me. Must be a Turkish thing. Idil Faces (2 megs)

My dog. Gotta love him. I should have named him.

"I don't know, Spatty, maybe you should stop taking those naughty pictures."

"Quiet you!"

Idil took her dog for a swim, then decided to give him a shower. And... I... Just... Couldn't... Stop... Taking... Photos....

How about some video of her washing her dog? Idil Dog Wash (2 megs)

Well, I just couldn't take hanging out with her anymore, so I left. Figured I'd run into Bodrum to do my shopping as planned.
Idil did invited me out to Mavi tonight with her whole group, not sure if I'll go, but I'll probably stop by for a drink to say hi and be nice. This is probably the last time I'll see her for a while, if ever.
Well, just got back from Bodrum, picked up 5 more computer games (bringing me up to 17 so far, is that a felony yet?), and the Eminem CD. Also got 2 boxes of Turkish delight to use as gifts.
Got back to Tiyatro and Idil was still here with her friends and mom on the dock. I chose to sit here by the restaurant. I saw her hold up a cigarette, and make a "light" gesture towards me. Did she really want me to walk all the way over there and light her cigarette for her?
Surely she must be joking. So I laughed and kept drinking my iced tea. But then she waved again, held up her cigarette and called me over. I gestured to her that she was crazy, and she ended up calling over the waiter for a light. Does she really think she still has that kind of power over me? Two months ago I probably would have done it.
I really hope my insolence pisses her off. Because she's really starting to annoy me.
Well, looks like they're packing up the dock to get it ready for dinner, so they'll probably be leaving soon.
Deniz2 is here, and I really should move over there and chat with her.
While chatting with Deniz2, I watched Idil leave out of the corner of my eye. She didn't even say goodbye. Could I have offended her?
Only time will tell.

Getting nice and tan!

I am so tired of getting dressed up every night. It really is too much after a while. I need a break. I need to just relax in shorts and a t-shirt one night, but it ain't gonna happen here.
And where the hell is my laundry? I dropped it off here yesterday, it should be done by now.
We have a new singer coming in tonight. A woman named Ricki Benson from Chicago via London. She's played with Chaka Khan, and performed in the Lion King in London.
Poor girl will have about an hour to rehearse with a band she's never played with before, and then will perform with them tonight at the bar. This should be fun.
Almost makes me want to stick around.
Why is it that cigarettes in Turkey are plentiful (only $1.30 per pack), but lighters are the rarest commodity there is? No one has a lighter in this freaky country. Are they really that expensive? Well, I know what I'm bringing everyone next time I come. I'll just buy a big box of disposable lighters and be the King of Turkey!!

Ok, it's now 4:30 am, let me fill you in on the nights events.
I really wanted to see Deniz2 sing, but between finding out where Club Mediteranyo was, and figuring out the best way to get there, I was running late. When I went to the Bus depot to hop the Bus into bodrum, I just missed the damned thing, and it was a half hour until the next one. That was basically when I gave up and decided to just stay in Turkbuku tonight.
I walked over to Mavi to meet Idil (it was 11 pm, which is what time she said she would be there), but didn't see her.
I called her, and she said she was running late. She wanted me to wait for her for the next 20 minutes to a half hour. Screw that.
I told her I'd meet her there later.
I went back to Jazzino and watched the band for a bit. Took some pics and video, then finally headed to Mavi to meet Idil.
Mavi is a Salsa nightclub (outdoors, but no dock). It played Latin music and has a live band.
I got there, and she saw me come in. She pointed me over to where they were all sitting, so I made my way there. Idil was dancing, at first with her mother, then with some other guy, so I went to the bar and had a beer.

Could her pants BE any lower?

After my first beer, I realized that Idil had yet to even say hello to me. I mean, this is basically the last time we would probably ever see each other again (after these two weeks, I have no reason to ever bother speaking to her again), so you would think she'd want to talk for at least a moment.
During my second beer, I danced with Idil's mother for a bit. As I neared the end of my second beer (and those of you that know me know that I don't drink beer very fast), I realized that Idil would not be on her way over very soon. She was out on the dance floor with some guy having a god old time, and I'm sure I was the furthest thing from her mind. Now, I don't expect to be super important to her, but this was the last night I'd be in Turkbuku hanging out, and she knew that. How hard would it be to walk over and say hi?
She finished dancing, and I figured she'd make her way over to me, but instead went over to where Nurhan and her boyfriend were sitting. I waited a little longer, and then realized how perfect of an opportunity I had just been offered. She now had her back to me, and no one else was looking in my direction, so I finished my beer, dropped the empty glass on the bar, and just walked out.
What better way to remember her than with her back turned, ignoring me?
Let her try and figure out what's going on for once.
The only thing I feel bad about is not saying goodbye to her mother. Idil's mom was always super nice to me, and I wish I had been able to say something to her. But, since she doesn't speak English, and my Turkish is nowhere good enough to explain the situation, this really was the best plan. I could have said bye to Nurhan and her boyfriend as well, they were nice to me, but this worked out too well for me to spoil it.
I walked out of there feeling better about myself than I have in a long time. Damn, did that feel good.
And the best part is, I'm leaving tomorrow, so I won't be seeing her again, and she's too cheap to ever call me, so I'm safe there as well. Genius.
I walked into Tiyatro with a big smile on my face.

The Cheshire Grin.

Aydin saw it, and called me over. I guess he could tell that something interesting happened, and since he knew I was seeing Idil, he pointed to my forehead and said, "It looks like the word 'sucker' is starting to fade off."
Yes it is.

Aydin mixing up the drinks.

Mirac and a new friend I haven't met yet...

Kerem and I with Ricki.

Some other friends at the bar.

Hung out at the bar smiling like a fiend, then afterwards I headed out for some soup with Yahya and Askin.
I got back to the house at about 4:30 to find Kerem, Miray, Nazli and some other guy all hanging out watching TV. Well, the guy was asleep on the couch, but everyone else was watching TV.

What a life.

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