Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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"If I could meet 'em I could get 'em,
But as yet I haven't met 'em.
That's why I'm in the shape I'm in."
-Jimmy Buffet

The stories, or escapades on this site are generally written in one of two ways; they're either stories of events that have happened long ago, stories that I've told a thousand times in countless bars before getting around to filling you all in.
The other types are stories written right after the fact. Meaning, when I get back from a trip, weekend, convention, or crazy night, I upload the pictures I took, then fill in the back-story.
This one is different. Thanks to the wonder of the pocket pc, I'm writing about these events immediately after they happen, or in some cases, as they are going on.
We'll see if this pans out at all. If you like this style of escapade, drop me a line and let me know. Words of encouragement, or criticism are always welcome.

First off, this story does have some required reading attached to it. You should really have read Dog Bay, Turkey '01, and the first two pages of World Tour. It will make things a lot easier.

Tale of the tape:
2 - number of cameras used this trip
4 - forms of digital media used (1 smart card, 3 compact flash cards)
90 - kb worth of this story in notepad
5 - number of dogs I watched having sex
0 - number I photographed
16 - number of "AA" batteries I went through for the different cameras, and CD player
3 - number of times Aydin says "Fuck you, Calvin" in the video
1 - number of nipple rings I lost
7 - number of nipples I saw by accident when women leaned over in front of me
10 - hours it takes to fly from Istanbul to New York
1,600,000 - Turkish Lira to the Dollar when I left
4 - times I was called a Yankee
1 - times I was asked what a Yankee was
442 - number of photos taken
101 - megs of video footage taken

To make things easier on everyone, I'll include a little Cast of Characters list:

Askin Atakan Aydin Deniz
Deniz2 Ersin Gunten Idil
Idil's Mom Kerem2 Kerem Michal
Mine Mahve Mirac Miray
Miray2 My Dad Nazli Ricki
Spat (me) "The Blue-Eyed Girl" Vulkan Yahya

These are the people who are mentioned a lot by name, and who you may want to refer back to to see who it is I'm talking about.


Left for Turkey. Totally uneventful trip. No police actions, arrests, Army interventions, hostage negotiations, or even giant Japanese monster attacks. Apparently, getting on a plane and then getting off at their destination without incident is how normal people travel. How boring.


Arrived in turkey. Got to check out some of the changes made to the bar, hotel and restaurant that my dad and Gunten (my step-mother) own. First off, now the bar is called "Jazzino" instead of Tiyatro.

The hotel and restaurant are still called Tiyatro, though. The bar is in a part of Turkey called Turkbuku. It's on the Northern part of a peninsula right on the Agean sea. About a half hour south is the city of Bodrum. Bodrum is like the French Riviera of Turkey. Huge tourist spot, lots of bars and nightlife.
My dad hired a Jazz band to play every night. They're headed by a guy named Askin Arsunan (check out the World Tour story for more info). He's a very famous Jazz pianist, has written some movie soundtracks, and played with the likes of Janet Jackson, among others.
Met up with Aydin.

Here's Aydin mixing up his new specialty, "Jazzy Shots".

And here's me enjoying one. The first of about 7 that I had right in a row to kick off the night!

Aydin is a guy that we met 2 years ago. He was the bartender at Havana, another nightclub in Turkbuku, and gave us free drinks when we went there. So we did the same for him when he came to my bar (check out the Dog Bay story for more info). He just finished his 18 months of Army service, and is now working as the head bartender at my dad's bar.
Saw Miray as well. She's my step-niece (check out the World Tour story for more info on her).
Then Idil showed up. Idil is basically a whole story in and of herself. Check out the World Tour story for the background on this fiasco. Everyone keeps telling me that she now has a boyfriend. But apparently he left for Istanbul a few days ago for work. Should be coming back soon, though. So, I think I'll be keeping the perfume I brought her. Maybe I'll find someone else I'd rather smell it on. Yes, I bought her more of that perfume, yes, I am a sucker. I know, I know.
Apparently, my dad called her a cockroach! When Idil told me that, I thought it sounded a bit odd. Cockroach just doesn't make much sense. But she claims that's what he called her.
Idil, her mother and I went for a walk, and when we returned, my dad was sitting outside the bar. I guess the bouncer (Ersin) knew that she and my dad didn't get along, so he stood in front of my dad as Idil and I walked into the bar to block his view! Nice guy.

And here's the band performing on the stage.


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